Che Guevara

Was Che Guevara good, bad or are those terms to simple to describe him.

Seems kind of like an asshole.

which side are you on?

Depends. Do you sell guns or T-shirts?

I’d say a physician who kills folks is an asshole.

Communist murderer.

like all doctors he liked golfing.

Like most people I don’t really know how to discern the facts from the fiction of such a polarized figure, which is a reason why I wanted to see what you guys thought.

Try looking at (1) who admires him and (2) who despises him and (3) evaluate their reasons for feeling that way in light of the known historical and biographical evidence.

Sounds simple, but it takes you past baseless opinionating.

I’d recommend Jon Lee Anderson’s bio of him for a lot of detail and an interesting take on his motivations. He ultimately did a lot of bad things, but a lot of his actions stemmed initially from a wish to do good.

I’d go with this, then, he turned into a bit of a beast. Then, he became a bit of an egomaniac, which is what got him killed (indirectly, of course.)

Plus, considr the context of his life - like Marx himself, he lived in a society with a massiv separation between the rich, privileged classes and the vast majority of dirt poor. The social systems - law, religion, government - existed to reinforce that privilege based on money and inheritance. When we grow up in a society with a strong middle class (once upon a time) that generally emphasises fairness and equality, it’s hard to understand a social structure that simply assumes this is not so.

it’s not surprising (even if it’s wrong) that some people concluded the only solution to this system was to completely destroy it and rebuild the “perfect” society. What’s truly sad was that by the 1940’s it should have been apparent that following the party line was having the direct opposite effect on those iron curtain countries where it was the orthodoxy.

It’s odd to think that when Castro was fighting in the mountains of Cuba, he was interviewed by US journalists, people in the USA thought he was a breath of fresh air, his movement was seen as bringing proper democracy to Cuba after decades of corrupt exploitive dictatorship.

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As to the OP: murderer verging on genocidal.

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You know who also ultimately did a lot of bad things, , but a lot of his actions stemmed initially from a wish to do good?


most tyrants think they’re doing the right thing.

Good or bad with regard to what? A physician? A revolutionary leader? A humanitarian? A diarist? A lover? A motorcyclist?


2nd, 3rd and 5th;)

Ronald Reagan (though his definition of “to do good” is more than a little dubious).

Guevara was a “commie come lately” - he became a communist in the fifties. You had to be willfully blind by that point in order to think communism was still a good idea. If Guevara had legitimately wanted to help people and make the world a better place, he wouldn’t have done it by promoting communism.