Cheap copyrights - Musicians in here please!

I’ve seen multiple sites online to copyright music, but I was wondering in anyone had personal experience with anyone online doing so.

I need to get about 8 songs CR’ed so i was looking for someplace to do them cheap. Any suggestions?

I have played around with this. The answer varies depending on what you are looking for. My suggestion would be to copyright the collection rather than the individual songs. When I did this last, it is about 20 bucks for a compilation just as any copyright rather than 20 bucks per song. It makes defending it a little trickier but nothing a good lawyer wouldn’t be able to do if it came down to that. You can get all the needed paperwork from the Patent and Trademark office ( and fill it out yourself relatively easily.

Ya know, the cheapest way is to register the songs yourself. Very simple (fill out a form & send sample(s) of the work) and very inexpensive ($30/work).


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