cheap/free ebooks

Where can I find some cheap or free ebooks? I like fiction novels, SF, etc…

I’d like to read them on my Visor… I have a program that will display them ( ) but they need to be in DOC format.

I’ve, um, heard that you can find them on the various peer-to-peer file sharing programs.

Has some great titles, but I’m not sure how easily they’d convert to DOC format. (They have them in HTML, RTF, LIT, and whatever format Rocket uses.)

Has a large selection, mainly of public domain titles. IIRC, most of them come in plain text.

Used to have quite a few titles in DOC format for the Palm. Don’t know if they still do, I haven’t visted since my Palm met it’s grisly end in a bowl of vegetable soup. Palmcentral also had an app that converts TXT to DOC quickly.

A great source for text files of books (all legal) is Project Gutenberg. You can then convert the text files into Palm files using a text converter; they’re relatively easy to find via Google.


Is there an easy way to download them in a microsoft word document? How large would that be?