Cheap host keeps badgering me about security

I use a really cheap web host, my accounts and those of others using them continually get hacked and used to send out millions of spam emails. They then send mean emails out to users blaming us for insecure passwords, which seems laughable when hosting accounts are compromised en masse. I’m not going to bother with a 20 digit copy and paste password if they can’t be bothered to keep people from brute forcing accounts if that is even what is going on.

I got an email this morning from apparently someone at this host scolding me for running an old and insecure version of wordpress, and told if I don’t know how to run a secure site myself pay someone to do so. I’m not running wordpress at all, I assume once again accounts have been compromised.:rolleyes: For one thing they have passwords displayed in plain text, I complained about but nothing happened.

Another time when I complained the host was down I got a reply that said why do I care as I don’t have google ads on my site anyway :rolleyes: That is the only reason someone could care their host isn’t up of course.

Switch hosts. Problem solved.

Bluehost is good.