Cheap seasons of TV shows on Amazon Prime (GoT, Handmaids Tale, etc).

I just noticed that Amazon has slashed the prices on full seasons of some major and minor TV series.

These prices are for purchase, not rental, of a whole season. If you are like me and were too cheap to subscribe to Hulu or HBO to watch some popular series, now’s the time. These prices will appear only if you are logged into an Amazon Prime account and they are probably US only. There are 17 pages of major and minor series including a lot of British TV.
Here are some examples:

Game of Thrones S1 $9.99 (was $38.99)
Killing Eve S1 and S2 $9.99 (was $19.99)
The Handmaid’s Tale S1 and S2 $8.99 (was $24.99)
Top of the Lake $5.99 (was $19.99)

Complete list.

There is no indication how long this sale will last.