Cheap stuff you really get your money's worth outta

A box of Lipton cold-brew iced tea bags: $2.50
Makes 24 heaping cups of delicious iced tea.

Worth every penny. :slight_smile:

I can’t post right now … my six-for-a-dollar Ramen noodles are ready.

My second car. Cost $0, put abouut $250 dollars into it, got almost 40K miles out of that thing.

My baseball hat in college. I got it for 10 bucks. I must’ve worn it every day for 9 months. It was an integral part of my look to every person I met.

Heaping cups of tea? Hmmm …

Lots of wonderful free software is out there: Povray ray-tracer, Irfanview image viewer, Linux, etc.

Free is good!

Box of condoms - $7.99 / dozen :slight_smile:


Two 60W light bulbs for $1.99… thousands of hours of illumination for a buck.

The sweater I’ve got on right now.

Christmas gift from my brother, circa 199o, and it still looks great, except for the very small hole at the bottom that isn’t noticeable to anyone but me. :smiley:

Silo, we know it is you and all, but you know, you don’t HAVE to re-use condoms. I mean, if you are using them that often, why not just spring for new ones? :smiley:

I’ve bought a cheap pair of slip-on canvas shoes for the summer. They only cost about $7 or so, but I wear them nearly every day in the summer. They’re great when I get home from work and yank off my hot work boots. I don’t have to wear socks with them, and they seem to hold up pretty well. I’ve had my current pair for a couple years now. Comfortable footwear for two summers for under ten bucks? Can’t be beat. That’s $2.50 per foot per summer.


Well I did crack a grin.


The watch I’m wearing now. I got it for $10 at an outlet store. It’s pink. It’s plastic. It’s very retro looking.

And nine out of ten people tell me how awesome it is when they see it. :slight_smile:

A $2.00 pair of headphones purchased at a Wal-Mart or K-Mart.
They are needed when I need to escape my roommates music, and delve into my own.

I get my DSL for free.

CounterStrike is free.

Warez are free.

My roomate buys groceries, likes sex, and does not want a relationship.

I can get rubbers at planned parenthood for free.

My roomate has an impulsive need to buy music in the form of CDs’ an I burn copies of them all.

My office has a 16 DVD RAM drive (which they got fro free from a client)for recording every call and e-mail and as soon as I can buy blank DVD’s I’m going to start copying those too.

My best friend works for the cable as an installer company so you can guess on that.

My uncle grows peanuts.

My grandfather was president and CEO of Iowa Beef Industries and is now a gourmet meat distributor.

My godfather is Al Reeser (Reeser’s Fine Foods).

All I need is a relative in the beer industry and one in produce as well as a baker and I am in business, oh and one that grown weed would be cool too.

A pair of $6.00 seude moccasins with fleece lining. These things are great. No lacing up shoes to go out to the car and get something. Nice warm slip-ons for a midnight trip to the littlest room in the house. You just can’t beat them.

It may not seem cheap, but a Victorinox Swiss army knife. The number of uses you get out of one, combined with the number of times it saves your @ss makes these things dirt cheap. Just be sure to buy the real thing and not a Wenger POS.

A five dollar socket set from the car parts store. Yeah, it’s cheap crap, but you throw one of these in the trunk of your car. The first time you use it, it has paid for itself. The same goes for a little bottle jack for jacking up your car. The manufacturer’s jacks are feeble and often dangerous.

A Maglite solitaire flashlight for your keychain. This thing will pay for itself in time saved in a couple of months.
And finally, one of the biggest bargains of all.

The little push-button, pull apart key ring loops. You put your first set of car keys (ignition and door) on the non-pushbutton side’s loop. You put all of your house keys and your spare car keys (including the trunk key) on the pushbutton side’s other loop. When you need to drop by the store or stop by your house for a minute, you pull off the spare key set and voila, you can leave your locked car running while you dash in for whatever. Even better, when you drop off your car at the mechanic’s or leave it with a parking valet, you merely snap off the ignition and door key set to leave with them. That way, no one can get into your trunk while you’re gone or copy your house keys while you’ve left them with the person. One of these $2.00 items lasts for over ten years. A true bargain if ever there was one.

Dogs and cats from the animal shelter.

I have a jacket that has big squares on it with letters in the squares, and it’s every color you can image. Every time I wear it, I get compliments. $3 at the thrift store.

I have a beautiful brown jacket with a fur-lined hood. Just the right thing for medium cold days. $7 at the thrift store.

I have the coat I wear into New York City on freezing cold days. It’s made from dark colored patches of all colors, and has purple, dark red and dark green fringe hanging off of it. Another $7 thrift store buy.

I got a Cat-in-the-Suessical Hat free at Broadway on Broadway this year. I will be wearing it over the holiday season to see what comments I get.

My computer cost me $2500 when I bought it 4 years ago… not cheap, but if I sat down and figured out the original cost, plus all the upgrades, etc. and then divided by the many hours of enjoyment (do you know how many porn sites there are? The mind boggles!!) it has given me, and then divide again by the number of hours of horror/frustration/sweat/and ultimate feeling of triumph for every time that I’ve f***ed it up and then fixed it on my own… I figure I still down about $14.75! Not a bad bargain for something to occupy 99% of the top of my desk…

Time to surf porn, and try to recoop some more of my $14.75…

… I figure I’m still down…


Since the advent of CD’s, vinyl records have been extremely cheap…I’ve picked up quite a few for under £1 (about $0.60 I think). If you have a decent turntable they sound (IMHO) better than CD’s.

Here’s another: my Palm Pilot!

Cost me $270, and I’ve used it every day for the past year or so… keeps me from forgetting important stuff (which I do all the time without the PP), gives me something to do when stuck in traffic (high score in Dope Wars: $44 million), useful for my work (can write down notes easily), etc… WELL worth the money!