Cheap yet reliable flash drives?

Someone recently posted a link to this but EVERY review I looked at that day mentioned that it didn’t last long. I think one guy said 21 days. It’s apparently easily damaged and the first 3 reviews said “don’t waste your money.” I won’t.

Anyone have personal experience with a GOOD, inexpensive flash drive? I see great deals like that one on the net, but don’t know which ones are decent. The local Circuit City is offering decent deals, but only after rebate. And rebates are less reliable than cheap flash drives…

I have one from PNY Technologies. Couldn’t tell you the model, because carrying it around in my pockets day after day has worn off all the other writing. I’ve had it for about a year, used it almost daily, and carried it most everywhere.

Granted, that’s a sample size of 1 drive, but I’ve been happy with it.

Are you sure it was this product? There’s only one bad review on there now. Does Newegg delete bad reviews perhaps?

Positive it’s that drive. I saved the link to my favorites from the original post. Looked at it twice yesterday, and the reviews were all negative. Different reviews are showing today. Maybe they show the last three posted? Dunno, but if three in a row said it stopped working pretty quick and that it was poorly designed, I’ll pass.

If you click “Read All 13 reviews” it shows reviews that go back to 5/2. There’s only one negative review where somebody is having trouble with it. Of course, it’s possible NewEgg deleted some negative reviews; does anybody know in they have a reputation for doing that?

I have the 1 GB Memorex Travel Drive and it has never been a problem. Had it over a year now I think and not one issue.

It’s USB 2.0 so it’s good and fast and reliable. I’m sure I paid under $100. (Cdn)

I rather like my OCZ… cheap, and a very fast read speed.