Cheapest Quality Stevia and Splenda or Equivalent

I have recently discovered that by combining these two sweetners you get an overall multiplied sweetness, to get closer to the sweetness of sugar.

I use these on many things but a large part is coffee.

For stevia the powder is always cheapest and sweetleaf is good quality but it is 5.90/4oz on Amazon. While generic splenda is 31.70/2000 packets on Amazon.

How does “regal foods” brand compare?

Or this:

Are you looking for Stevia leaves or extract? I got a 9 oz bulk bag of Stevia in the raw from my local grocer for about $7.

I use liquid sucralose from an online store “American Health Foods & Ingredients”, which is the active ingredient in Splenda. Costs $20 for a 4oz bottle, which lasts me a year, or $65 for a 16oz. Each drop is equal to a heaping teaspoon of sugar. They also sell the pure sucralose powder, but I couldn’t imagine the kind of control one would need to use the right amount of that stuff.

I use the sucralose powder. I mix it approximately 1 tsp sucralose to 5 tsp water, and I keep the solution in a dropper bottle I bought at American Science and Surplus. I only use it in the summer to sweeten iced tea.

If you’re just sweetening to taste and not dependent on a precise mix, this works fine.

I go through a lot of Splenda packets … will have to look into the liquid form. Thanks for the tip :cool:

I buy the generic Splenda in a bulk bag, and packets, from my grocery store. Wal Mart has a generic too. Have you compared the per-ounce cost of bulk to packets?

I buy powdered stevia in packets (Truvia) at costco. I don’t know the price but I imagine it’s pretty cheap as far as that goes. I’ll check next time I go there.