Cheating the hangman

Most of the world will think this an odd conversation since the U.S. belongs to a group of less than a dozen countries with death penalties. Cheating a life sentence doesn’t have the same resonance.

Take someone like Jeffrey Epstein. He “cheated” by killing himself. Leave his victims out of the equation, since they are a special case and no one has mentioned them in other posts. Have we lost anything as a society by his death? Does society in fact gain anything by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars incarcerating him and proving him medical care as he grows elderly? Aren’t overcrowded and dangerous prisons plus a scandalously bad elderly prisoner medical system a huge price that is eating into the fabric of our culture?

For those who are sentenced to death, cheating a dozen years on death row is little more meaningful than cheating a life sentence. Yes, an unconscionable number of people have been falsely convicted in this and I assume the other countries with death penalties. We don’t seem to be talking about them, just about people who deserved their sentences. I can’t believe that their taking the “easy” way out has more than a mayfly’s effect on the larger population. It’s something only contemplated in relaxed isolation.

I say the net effect is an unabashed positive.

I think the worst punishment anyone (including the Nazi leadership) should ever get is life in prison assuming they can’t be rehabilitated. I’m against the death penalty for a variety of reasons. The state shouldn’t have that kind of power, executions don’t actually help anyone, innocent people are often executed, it serves only to satisfy primitive desires for retribution and in a deterministic universe no one is truly morally responsible enough to warrant any kind of desert based punishment.

Yes, we lost the information and testimony he could have provided agaisnt his sick and perverted minded rich friends. He cheated justice, not just the victums.

See, this is where a little bit of religious faith helps. Hanging, shooting, suicide, who cares? Dead is dead. They’re God’s problem now.

I think the key factor is that powerful people, like Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, and Goering, want to be able to tell themselves that they are still controlling their own fate. They’re not dying because somebody else decided to kill them. They’re dying because they are choosing to kill themselves.

I think there’s some factor of religion or “morals” in there. It’s “better” if people don’t commit suicide.

I know it is fiction, but often on cop shows there is some former good guy who committed murders, and as the cops (his friends) are closing in, the bad cop threatens to off himself, and his pals beg “don’t do it! Think of your family!” And all I can think of, is no trial, close the file, and his family never has to take the bus up to Sing Sing and see their father behind a glass wall for the rest of his life.

In my opinion, life in prison is worse than death. 23 hours a day in a 6x9 cell, as the minutes slow to a crawl, with nothing to look forward to except the blessed release of death.

I agree, whether or not I’m actually guilty. Even a sentence that was lengthy but not for life would make me want to die for its own sake and what it would do to my life upon release.