Check engin light comes on every 183 miles then goes off after 183 miles.

Care to conjecture what is happening?

Someone who has no clue will ask what kind of car. I don’t know. Japanes, grey, 73000 miles, starts with an ‘A’, like Accura or Accord or some such.

Could it be 186 miles? That’s exactly 300 km.

Don’t know why that would be a magic number, though.

May not be related, but a buddy just bought an Acura and the gas cap doesn’t seem to be sealing tight (or at least it’s a pain to get it to seal). With the gas cap unsealed, the check engine light comes on. The real PITA part though is that even after sealing the cap, the check engine light stays on for a while. It seems that the “check engine on” routine is almost immediate while the “nevermind” routine requires some relatively huge number of successful checks before it executes.

The practical upshot of all of this is that he essentially ignores the check engine light. Nice job, engineers!

That unsealed gas cap thing is fairly common. Most modern US-market vehicles have a tank sensor to detect escaping gasoline fumes, which are v. bad (for the environment- not so much for the car, I gather). The little metal valve/flap thing inside the filler mouth isn’t air- or water-tight.

The check engine light should be going out in 24-48 hours, unless it’s a VW Group vehicle, on which the check engine lights have to be cleared manually.

Tell him to go get a new cap. They’re like 20 bucks.

eta: janeslogin, do you really not know what kind of car you drive? Or is this somebody else’s car?


The free diagnosis at AutoZone said it was idle speed.

The $100 diagnosis at the repair shop said it was a leak somehere and there was a long list to check.

After the check list and an additional $270, no leak being found, they ‘rebooted’ and the light went off.

I never said I drove the car. I own it. Spouse drives it.

Sheldon: Is there a “check engine light” light?

I’m not sure that makes it better - you own the car and you don’t even know what kind it is? I own three cars, and I know the make, model, year, and license plate number for each of them, and can guess closely at their mileage. Even the one my spouse drives.

Actually that would be the first question out of the mouth of someone that does have a clue and knows what they are talking about.

Ah, no.


Even I know what kind of car my SO drives… and I don’t know much about cars at all.

Was this addressed? A high or low idle is something that should be addressed. I dont know if its your mystery 183 mile problem but you should get it checked out.

If they rebooted your car’s computer, then it’ll probably light up against at 183 miles. I would consider taking it to the dealer if the local indie shops cannot fix it.

That makes no sense.

I don’t get how you can know that it is Japanese and has 73,000 miles and not know what kind of car it is. Cars are usually labeled with the name on the trunk, or door, or hood. And several places inside. In large, easy to read letters. That’s the point. So you can see what kind of car it is.

Are there any other things wrong with it? Usually theres something else like a rough or too high/low idle, or hesitation during acceleration or something.

Something is very wrong here. The OP is not telling us all the facts here. Is this some kind of coded message? Is someone’s life in danger? Are we to be the stars of a new thriller starring Nicolas Cage?

How do you know its exactly very 183 miles, anyway? Do you write down the mileage every time the light goes on or off? 'Cause while I do keep track of mileage for some purposes, my reaction to a check engine light is to…

wait for it…

check the engine. Or rather, plug in a code reader and check what the computer says. I probably wouldn’t think to record the mileage.

There has never been a thrilling movie with Nicholas Cage in it.

Call the guys on Car Talk. They would love this.

I know the make model and registration of my neighbours car and I’ve never driven it.

To own a car and not know the make or model is, well, odd.

And that’s putting it mildly

Probably makes as much sense as as the Beale Ciphers.

And she** OWNS **the car … truly amazing.

That’s a pretty obnoxious OP. You come in looking for help with your problem, then pre-emptively insult any reasonable person who might try to help you.

Let me show you what this resembles from my point of view: