Check out how UPS is bullying an online gaming buddy of mine:

Basically, a guy who plays Tribes under the nick of BigBrown, registered a website almost 5 years ago… it contains pics of him, his family, his life, etc.

UPS has sent him a letter saying that because it’s trucks have been brown for 70 years, he is infringing on their copyright.

UPS copyrighted BigBrown just last year.

This is a link to the original thread:

It has now hit Fark news as well.

The actual letter from UPS is scanned on about page 9 of that thread.

Look close, you will see BadCrC of allyourbase fame in that thread.

snort that is rich. What next? IBM tries to sue “Blue’s Clues?”

Ok original thread got deleted on Tribalwar.

sorry about that.

Yet another example of “we’re wrong but you can’t afford to prove that in court”. This happened to Something Awful last week with their Muppet photoshops, and has happened to other amateur webmasters as well.

Is there any way a law can be passed to stop this? I think I heard once that threatening legal action when you either (a) know you can’t win or (b) have no intention of actually suing is called barratry and is illegal already.