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Superyummy Nacho Approach*

ok, this is like how sometimes you just want to tell people to shut up so you can get goin and get on the slopes but you can’t because its yer mom or yer GF or something and so you don’t say it but you think it and hope that maybe yer thinkin loud enough for them to get the hint but they don’t and then they talk they whole way up the lift but then you get to the top and you’ve already got yer board strapped on cause you did it all sly like during the ride up and so then you just come BLASTING off the chair and you spray the people still trying to get going and yell “CHAMPAGNE!” and ya keep goin but then ya try and take a turn and it’s all icy and yer board goes out from under you and you go up in the air and yer arms are all floppin all over and when you hit you black out and then you come to and the ski patrol guy is yelling into his radio and they put ya in the sled to tow ya back down the hill but you keep hitting yer head cause of all the ice and then you black out again and wake up in the ambulance and then later they tell you that you split yer liver in half and totally messed up yer knee and had a concussion and I think I chipped a couple of teeth too because I had to get a bridge done eventually cause they were all broken and useless but at least now I got a gold tooth ya know what I’m sayin

*many many thanks to the SDMB’s very own Inigo Montoya who coined the phrase that I stole for this song’s name