Check out this incredible story of Luck! Animal lovers will be proud!

Friday night Mrs.Phlosphr and I went over to the inlaws for a BBQ. Round about 9pm we all took my truck to DQ for an icecream. We left the garage door open (something we never do, but it was humid and we wanted to get as much cool air as we could going in there.
So we go get our ice cream and when we return my headlights illuminate 2 circular green eyes looming near the back of the garage, behind my mother-in-law’s Cady.
“Uhh dad, there’s a dog or something in your garage.”
“No there’s not, you’re seeing things”

Then he jumps out and walks right into his garage. I jump out because I didin’t have nearly the amount of highballs he did and walked briskly behind him. He crested the garage and then he heard it, a sound that stopped him in his tracks… A low, gutteral growl…

OKAYEEEE we turn around and head back to the truck, hop in and think about what the hell made that noise.

After some confusion and no ability to light up that part of the garage without going in, we all decided to walk around back, enter the house and flip the light on from inside.

Upon doing this, we saw what the fuss was over. There laying practically under the cady was a large balck and white Border Collie . No growl this time I poked my head in. I said, “Hey fella, whats up…you lost your home??”

He shyly turned his head away from me and kept right on laying down… He was obviously lost, and most likely he thought this was his house…

So what right? A lost dog… nothing really that nutty about that right… Well thats when this happened.

My wife called the police animal control officer. He was out for the night and the shift had just changed…the dispatcher was pretty dull and non-informative, untill my wife said the color of the dog. Black and white Border Collie.
" Hmm. there’s a black and white dog in your garage? Where do you live?"
My wife told her, and then as we were all watching her, her eyes got as big a pancakes, as if she was hearing the gender of our first born over the phone.
She started writing some scratches on a piece of paper (we thought it should have been the other way around…) and then hung up. With out a hesitation, she picked the phone back up and dialed a number.
I asked, whats going on sweety… And was promptly shot a look…shhhhh, don’t talk, your not going to believe this kind of look.
Someone answered and my wife said, " My name is mrs.Phlosphr and i think we have your dog at my parents house, do you own a black and white border collie??"

Almost through the phone the person on the other side started screaming… so much so my wife moved the phone several inches from her ear.

After she hung up she told us what happened. Apparently earlier in the day a woman and her husband and son were shooting off fireworks, when their dog went missing. Very weird because the dog is 17 YEARS OLD. Even more odd they lived 30 miles away through mostly woods, and over a very large highway!!!

They showed up some 45 minutes later, we had tried to talk to the dog jessie and only kept getting the cold shoulder. we thought the worse, that she was injured some how. She was limping and totally soaked…

So the people arrive, and no sooner are they out of the car that Jessie bounds out after them and tackles the 12 year old boy thats with them… We talked for a while with the family, who were crying and hugging till no end. They could not believe the dog had traveled so damn far… almost 30 miles…

That made my month. I’m smiling just writing it.

lesson to be learned. Call the cops first thing when your dog is missing. So they have a description and so of they pick them up, they aren’t put on doggy death row.

What a great story! Also a reminder of the importance of dog tags…

That’s wonderful. Phlosphr, I know you were probably thinking of your own dog, safe at home, the whole time.

I couldn’t imagine losing my dog. Granted he’s not too much of a wanderer because he’s been trained well. But I’d hate to think if someone took him or if he was hit by a car … shudders

What a wonderful story. Thank you, Phlosphr.

Good on you Phlosphr! Seems like you did everything just right. Too bad the owners didn’t have a clue about keeping their animal inside while setting off their fireworks. Animal control is routinely overloaded every single 4[sup]th[/sup] of July, just for this one reason. What with a dog’s super-sensitive hearing, just one firecracker must sound like an atomic bomb.

Indeed. Always let animal control know your dog is lost right away.

A resident of a halfway house sneaked into our yard and let my landlord’s dogs out of the pen, not realizing that they wouldn’t listen to him when it came time to putting them back in. The kid also forgot to shut the gate. Doggies run! Run far!

The dumber of the two was picked up right away and animal control called my landlord immediately.

The other one? Well, it started raining. Then late at night, he ended up following a woman into the ER at the hospital, and sat next to her as she took a seat in the waiting room. The security guard had come running up. “Ma’am,” he said, “you can’t bring your dog in here.” She replied, “oh, he’s not my dog. He followed me in.”

The security guard looked a little worried now that he had to deal with a “strange dog.” So he looked at the soggy pointer and said “You, get out! Get out!” Apparently, the hunting doggy then lowered his head in drooping sadness, and went back out into the rain. He started walking slowly, forlornly across the parking lot under the raining nighttime sky, his head hanging low.

From what we were told, he it was such a movie-of-the-week worthy scene that the security guard felt so awful and guilt-ridden that he called after the pooch. “Here, boy! C’mere, boy!”

The guard called animal control, animal control called my landlord. By the time my landloard got there, the dog was stuffing himself with sandwiches from the cafeteria. He was tied to the security desk by a makeshift leash made of gauze bandages and looking thoroughly at home.

If you report your dog missing ASAP it makes for swift reunions. The longer you wait, the greater the chances are that your dog will stay missing or go to doggy jail. The first dog made it home after only two hours and the second didn’t see a mintue of doggy jail-time.