Check This Out-What Are These Models Doing?

Check out the video:
What is with these models-everybody is pulling everybody else’s pants down?
Also, the water spraying stuff-what’s with the dripping wet look? How are you supposed to evaluate the clothes-they all look the same when wet? Weird advertising!

They are selling sex, not clothes.

Armani Exchange = Sex

Yeah, and where are all the fat, old, ugly people? How the hell am I supposed to tell if those clothes will look good on ME?

DianaG don’t take this the wrong way because it’s not meant to be dismissive, but the advertisers don’t care if the clothes look good on you. The idea, as Sag Rat points out, is to create an association. Armani=Sexy. They want you to think that if you want to look sexy you should buy their clothing. You’re thinking too much to suit an advertising exec’s purposes. Congratulations! :smiley:

Haven’t you guys seen* Zoolander*? They’re breakdance-fighting!

This is meant for wanna be rich women and homosexuals, and 40 y/o white men who think they ca have a 23 y/o model. More power to them for stealing your dollars!

Actually, jonthebuckeyenut, no 40-year-old is buying Armani Exchange clothing. Or, at least, very very few, and them as are, well, :rolleyes:.

The ad campaign is following a script that has been being used to sell teen and twenties clothing now for decades: really “good looking” models engaged in stimulating activities (sex, beach fun, partying). The idea is simple: if you want to be a good-looking “in” person, simply buy the clothing in the line. Beer companies often sell beer the same way (“Are you talking about the beer, or me?” [long pause] “Yes.” - What a genius of ad copy writing :rolleyes: ).

What I find interesting is this new idea that butt cracks are sexy. They’ve been trying to push the boundaries of how low the pants can go now for about 15 years; apparently having run out of available space, they’ve decided to simply show off the butt crack. I’m certain generations of plumbers will be delighted to know they were ahead of the times. :smiley:



Well, I enjoyed it! Especially the one girl stopping making out to obviously check out another guy. Women’s lib has finally arrived!

I didn’t like the painted-in six-pack on the one boy, but hey, if women can put makeup on our faces, I suppose the boys can use it on their abs. . .

Wait, did you say somehting about clothes? There were clothes on sale there?

DS Young ESQ’s comment made me laugh-the clip reminded me of dogs sniffing eachother’s butts! Seriously, the clip quite entertaining…and a lesson in how to sell stuff!

This. Has the OP seriously never seen ads like this before? Because they were old hat when people were freaking out over Abercrombie ads when I was in high school.

Boy, if that’s confusing, I’d hate to see the OP’s take on the latest Fornarina campaign.

Besides, who cares what the clothes look like… it’s about the fact that when you wear the clothes you’ll be as beautiful, popular and oversexed as the models in the ad.