Checking that a video is an original work

I am planning on running a video making and song writing competition as a promotion for a client.

After videos have been submitted to me, is there a tool that I can use to make sure that they are “original works” before I let them go live for public viewing and voting?

Just to be clear - this is a promotional campaign where I am calling for public submissions, I am not making money out of this and I want to be hyper vigilant about not violating someone’s copyright.

Any help would be appreciated (maybe there is a video equivalent to “turnitin”?

While YouTube provides the various companies something like this for their own content, I do not believe there is a universal service.

About the only way to do it is the way YouTube does it, and make sure that any liability goes to the person who gave you the video. IANAL. But it seems that YouTube of all sites would use something else if they could.

I’d get a lawyer and work out a proper contract.

Strangely enuf I plan to host on YouTube. And there certainly will be a proper agreement drafted by lawyers. I just don’t want embarrassment.