Checks, balances and machiavelian plans

So I want to become supreme dictator of the world. I know, I know, the competition’s stiff but I figure I’m smarter than everyone else. Which qualifies me for the job, or at least the pretension to the job.
But since there’s no world government (yet. Stay tuned for my inaugural address) I figure becoming President of the United States is the first stepping stone. The problem is, I’m about as charismatic as warm durian. So here’s my plan : first, I’m going to find a pair of stupidly likable guys, preferably Democrats because come on, nobody’s going to elect a Republican now. I’m going to contract Skald Evil Enterprises Inc. to run the campaign, so they’re going to win as a matter of course.

Bear with me, the question’s coming.

The next phase of my genius plan is, the day after the inauguration the Vice President will resign, which means the President will have to nominate someone else. Like, say, me.
After I’m sworn in, the President himself will then resign, forcing the VP to take his spot. Meaning an unelected, completely unknown player is now sitting on the not-quite-throne-but-just-you-wait. My evil legions will then naturally play out the same election manipulation plan in House and Senate elections. Then we’ll cull the Supremes and… but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Anyway, here’s the question (fucking finally) : how would that plan fail in real life ? Notably the underlined parts ?

You might want to ask Gerald Ford.

In any case, you’re unlikely to be confirmed as Vice President by the Congress if they don’t know who the hell you are.

How would that fail in real life? You mean, besides not ever happening?

The plan conforms to legality at the presidential level. I’m more confused about what you expect to happen in Congress. The succession plans for an empty Congressional seat are decided at the state level. In some places, the governor can appoint a replacement, in other a new election must be held. I don’t know offhand how many could just be replaced by corrupt governors and I’m not about to do the research for 50 states. Do your own homework.

How you would handle the revolution that would result in the real world is another question your imagination is better off handling.


Thread’s over folks, time to go home.

But Ford was well-known and respected in Congress, so his confirmation went through pretty easily. Would be very different with a complete unknown.

Article I, s 2 requires vacancies in the House of Representatives to be filled by special election. Governors have no power to appoint someone to a vacant House seat.

Senators are part of Congress and can be appointed by a governor.

I’m still trying to figure out why KObal2 doesn’t just have his henchpeople elected to all the seats and skip the rigamarole.

Where’s the fun in that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the responses so far, guys. I didn’t know Congress got to vet prospective VPs. Hmmm. That complicates things. It’ll cost more, obviously :).

Mmm, it might be easier, these days.

A quiet, intelligent person with no history might be acceptable.

The US Congress would never knowingly vote for anything intelligent.

Even at that, three Senators and 35 Representatives voted against Ford. And when Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be Veep, seven Senators and 128 Representatives voted against him. The OP might find himself under greater scrutiny than he thought.

Lets keep the political jabs out of GQ, please.

No warning issued.

Get yourself elected Speaker, and then when the two guys are out you’re in: he’s #3 and doesn’t need to be a natural-born citizen in order to take that office. Getting over that part once #1 and #2 are out might be an itty bit problematic but nothing some Photoshop can’t fix, I’m sure.

Sorry, but anyone in the line of succession has to be a natural-born citizen to take the presidency. That’s more than just a Photoshop fix.

Plus, I’d still have to be elected Speaker, when the premise is that I’m unelectable to anything down to and including class president since I have all the caring warmth of a frozen killer bee, the sunny demeanour of an angry badger, all the social grace of a dazed goose and am, generally speaking, as likeable as weaponized Ebola.
Even if I’m not orange, that’s a tough gig :slight_smile: