Cheers / Frasier Inaccuracy

I was just watching an old Cheers rerun (Lisa Kudrow was in it as a co-actor of Woody’s in some play) and Frasier was talking about how he wanted to be an actor and it broke his father’s heart. He also said his father was a scientist and that he died not knowing that Frasier became a psychiatrist.

I think they kinda tried to retcon that when Sam came to Seattle and said something like, “You’re his father? He told us you were dead.”
Marty looked at Frasier, who said something like, “Well, we’d just had a fight.”

When we last saw Woody in Cheers he was off to the Boston City Council. Yet when we saw him on Frasier he was just a bartender again.

I think the Frasier writers don’t want to be bogged down with 11 years of prehistory so they pay it only a modicrum of heed and do what they want. If they can find a way to explain it, so be it.

Frasier’s mom also appeared on Cheers as a very domineering woman. She pretended to love Diane, but when Frasier left the room, she sweetly threatened to kill Diane if she didn’t leave Frasier.

On the show Frasier, not only is Frasier’s mom dead but she appears in flashbacks as Tom Hank’s wife!

What do you expect? She was Tony Soprano’s mom too.

Isn’t this more a Cafe Society topic?

Besides, on Cheers didn’t Fraiser claim to be an only child or not mention any siblings, requiring an explanation during the “Sam pays a visit” episode of Fraiser. I remember Niles being pissed off about something relating to this.