I love cheese…really

A good strong, bites yer legs, pongy breathed with brown pickled onions, English Stilton…

None of that Camembert, Brie and similar crap and most certainly no processed junk (whoever invented that stuff should have been shot)

So Dopers, what’s your favourite cheese and whilst on the subject of grub can anyone explain why “A good hot meal” is supposed to be more beneficial than say a nice cheese salad (with Stilton of course) I mean grub is grub right?

I’m boring. I likes me bit of cheddar, Gromit.

Mmmmmm, cheese.

I like 7 year old cheddar, it has the perfect combination of creaminess and acidic crystallization. I have had cheddars aged up to 11 years, but, to me, 7 years is the peak.

Stilton, absolutely. Give me a good English-syle barleywine and a wedge of Stilton and I am a happy cat.

Gorgonzola, oh mais oui. Blue cheese’s more pungent cousin, and good on or in so many things!

I have several favourites –

Real English cheddar - Montgomery or Keen’s

French Munster (not German or American Muenster)

Italian Taleggio

Parmigiano Reggiano

Corsican Brin d’Amour

French Comte

French Tomme de Savoie

English Blue Stilton

Italian Paesanella

fresh Mozzarella

Spanish Manchego. Heck, it even sounds delectable.

Asiago is awesome in some pasta dishes, gives an amazingly creamy texture and cheesy flavour.

Havarti is quite nice on most sandwiches, tooo.

Of course, parmesan is great – the baby parmesan stuff is rather crap (too soft to grate properly), but some nice grana padano or reggiano transforms pasta dishes.

Danish cream cheese and fine liverwurst on caraway rye … mmmm.

Old cheddar works best in salads with french, catalina or italian dressings, gives a nice sharp cheesy bite. Great on burgers, too, but sometimes a nice mild cheddar is a great light snacking cheese.

Smoked gruyere is great on crackers.

I don’t really like cheese that much. Only a few melted cheeses are edible - on a pizza or burrito. Sometimes I’ll eat brie on crackers with some sausage.

Lately I have been trying various goat cheeses. The Maytag Blue Cheese is another that I have been buying. Mmmmmm. Cheese, fresh strawberries, fresh baked breads.

I don’t like commercial brie/camembert (it’s actually the same thing), but the real stuff, from northern France (brie de meaux, camembert de Normandie), it’s good. Really good. But not among my very favourite.

Dutch aged gouda

Swiss emmentaler

Yeah, I’ll sign on to that Swiss gruyere and the Spanish manchego - also from Spain cabrales, garrotxa, roncal, and tetilla

:dubious: Which makes your contribution to a cheese appreciation thread soooo valuable.

Whoa, if you think French soft cheeses are bad, you have probably only been eating the unripe supermarket shite. Next time you’re in your cheese shop ask for a box of Pont l’Evecque. Leave it out of the fridge (warning: may cause divorce) for a week, then have on a baguette with maybe a bit of English chutney or pickle.

For an amazing English take on the soft cheese, try Stinking Bishop.

I can’t actually make up my mind which I like best.

And damn it I like a strong mature cheddar: one that makes the roof of your mouth hurt. M&S do some fantastically strong make-you-cry Canadian ones.

Another vote for Spanish manchego . . . with quince paste. The flavor combination is just yummy. I could make a meal out of that alone.

I also love goat cheese. With herbs, with garlic, you name it. Think I’ll go downstairs and check out the cheese drawer!

And I’d like to add, with serious cheese, like the favourites under discussion, they are really best enjoyed without too much mucking about – a hunk of nice bread, your favourite beverage, and maybe some minimal additions.

Yet even I, a non-cheese-lover, bothered to list a few types of cheese I’ll eat as well as one non-fastfood related cheese that I like. So, if I would have just typed “Chedder and Brie”, would that have been a valuble contribution?


I’m no connos… conoi… expert, but I loves me some really nasty cheddar or bleu.

I like any type of cheese that comes from a goat. I’ll admit to being uncouth and just really enjoying herbed chevre.

but I make my own cheese now!!! I’ve completed chevre and feta. My next stop is fresh mozzarella balls made out of goat’s milk and a hard goat cheese. When I learn how to control the temperature and humidity of my closet I’ll launch a blue goat’s cheese (have also been somewhat sidetracked by learning how to make my own soy milk and tofu, the process is quite similar to cheesemaking, actually).

Have to confess that I am guilty as charged m’lud; I have indeed only tasted the supermarket stuff. However on your advice I shall certainly
ask for the box of above mentioned. As for Stinking Bishop I must say I have never seen this on sale, perhaps I should try a different store other than Tesco :wink:

I must agree with acsenray that cheese is indeed better enjoyed with a minimum of fuss, crusty bread, pickles, tomatoes and a bottle of medium dry white…excellent fodder

Somehow, I can’t get into blue cheeses. I try them once in a while, and I just don’t like them. The strongest I’ll have is maybe a Cambanzola (Camembert + Gorgonzola). My husband loves the blues (as does most of his family) and I feel like a failure!

Pretty much anything else, though, I’ll eat! I love goat and sheep cheeses - lately, those have been the most popular ones. A good, old, sharp cheddar (the older the better) will always cheer me up. I also love soft cheeses, so a real triple crème brie or a St-André makes a regular appearance in our home. Semi-softs are great too - St. Paulin or the one whose name I always forget but has a “pont” in it.

We have a good little cheese shop nearby, but our grocery store has an OK selection for “everyday” cheeses. Nothing like the stores in Québec, but good enough. The local cheese shop has a lot of the Québec made cheeses, which I love.

Oh, and my husband and I ADORE good-old-SQUEEKY curd cheese. SQUEEK SQUEEK!

A good creamy feta is my favorite in a nice pasta salad. I also like strong cheddar – none of that mild nonsense for me. My local supermarket used to carry a creamy blue cheese that was like the best cream cheese you’ve ever eaten but I haven’t seen it on the shelves in a few weeks.

We picked up a little wedge of bandaged cheddar at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago–so good!

Cheddar bleeds when you cut it?