Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Pantry Chef

Someone recently used the term “chef de cuisine” and I knowingly winked at his reference, having, of course, no Earthly idea what he was talking about.

I hear the term “executive chef” bandied about everywhere these days–including at restaurant chains–but chef de cuisine is new to me. What’s the diff?

Also, my understanding is that the sous chef is the EC’s #1 assistant. But what the devil is a “pantry chef”? I’ve no idea what s/he does, other than stay in the closet, I suppose.

Any other kitchen titles, besides those above?

The word “chef” is literally “chief” or “head”. So “chef de cuisine” is the head of the kitchen, aka the executive chef or just the chef.

Can’t really help you with the rest of your terms, sorry.

Did you hear this term, or was it written down? Perhaps it’s meant to be *pastry * chef, not *pantry * chef.

God, I love the Internet. From this site: