Chefguy meet a LMH...

Personally I do not know what “LMH” means nor do care, however Chefguys attitude towards his job is what really burns me.

In THIS thread.

Chefguy, it’s people like you that make life all the more miserable for those who are finacially, mentally, or physically disabled.

What kind of folks woud you have apply for government assistance? The bold and the beautiful perhaps…No, well I suggest that you drop the holier than thou attitude towards needy applicants and focus on what your job really is. Helping those whom are less fortunate than you.

I’ve delt with social workers, housing assistance, and state volunteers like you before…Trust me dude, you will be the one shoved down, if you knowed whut I mean, Vern.

Here is the quote that burned me the most -->


I’m sure you my want to say something bad and ignorant about me too if you read this post. I wouldn’t be surprised; you never read more than the cover anyway.

An LMH is a Longterm Medical Hologram.

Funny old thing, offence. If you go looking hard enough, you can always find something to cause it.

If the above isn’t clear enough, I really don’t think chefguy has said anything in that thread to deserve your pitting.

Wow, my first pitting! I am humbled.

I’m particularly amused by the preemptive capitulation in that paragraph. “Oh look, everybody, he’s going to respond to my total horseshit, so that means he’s picking on me.” Okay, I’ll waste some time here:

I’ve been in public service for 36 years. How about you, sport? I would suspect I help more people in the space of a week than you will in your lifetime.

In addition, I volunteer at local shelters and donate food to the local soup kitchen. And you? Oh, right, you cruise message boards looking for something to be offended by. Very productive.

In my life, I’ve:
*fought in a war for my country
*built schools in Guatemala for victims of a major earthquake
*worked on a Habitat For Humanity house
*worked in the third world helping the poor
*provided safe and affordable housing for low income folks, senior citizens, and the disabled
*provided sanctuary for abandoned animals

Oh, and my niece has been retarded since birth and thinks pretty highly of me. Now, ain’t I just a prince? And you’ve done…what, exactly…?

If you can’t find the humor in this business, it will send you over the edge in short order. I have nothing against this person and hope he finds comfort in whatever it is that he believes in. It doesn’t prevent me from wondering where his delusion comes from and from being amused by it.

I’m not even sure what the above statement means, but it sounds like a threat. It’s just a guess, but I think they frown on that around here. In any event, it’s an empty threat, since I’m sure you haven’t accomplished anything you’ve promised to do so far in your miserable self-indulgent existence. Self-righteous pricks like you abound on the planet. Sadly, it wasn’t even a very good pitting. Try again, pinhead.

You keep doing your good work, Chefguy.

Oh, and cbm77? I found nothing in Chefguy’s post that is derisive of the poor or of the disabled. May I point out that you seem to have ignored the following:

I read that as meaning the norm is that they ARE completely dialed in, and he’s baffled by his encounters with the ones who just beamed down from the mothership.

Chefguy, don’t even waste your time with this maroon.

He should be so lucky as to even wipe his ass with your favorite pad of steel wool.

cbm77, if there’s a chip on your shoulder over some real offence in your life, it’s tipped you way off balance. As with the others, I saw nothing wrong with Chefguy’s thread.

You’ve had less than 20 posts. Stay out of the Pit if your sensibilities are so sensitive, until you’ve had some more board-time under your belt.


Actually no this is the first message board I have ever became a member of. I just recently bought internet access.

I think that is GREAT Chefguy! I’'m humbled to know that you have served your country so well. However since you want to compare dicks with me.

I have:
*Served in three wars US side, and am serving in the current one as well. Met my wife during Vietnam in Italy; she was also working for the military at the time.(BTW my wife works in a public service job and she agrees with me about your comment.)
*I have served in three search and rescue missions. One in Death Valley, Panama, and in Iraq.
*I have been doing public service work for 30+ years and am still on active duty while working as a trauma ER nurse at a major hospital.
*My wife and are planning on donating 26 acres of farm land we don’t use to Habitate for Humanity within the next two years.
*I run a rehabilitation for abused horses farm.
*Have done work in soup kitchens, shelters(as a counselor), and donated money(even though money is tight) to those causes.
*And I helped five stranded Mexicans jump off their work truck yesterday even though Mexicans are not considered a welcome race where I live. :slight_smile:
*Oh yeah, my son is autistic…He thinks I am a great guy too…

But that is not the point of the
thread is it?
I posted this thread because I was offended by your obvious disrespect for those you are serving in whatever housing development program you work for.

Heh heh heh, pricks like me are apparently in the same ballpark as you my friend. Think about it… I’m just trying to tell you that maby you should take a stronger look at your demographic; and perhaps not feel so hard towards those people.

Finally: Ice Wolf you are absolutely right!
I am new here, and I cannot take every little thing that rubs me wrong into the pit. Let this be a lesson to all the other hyper-sensitive folks out there.
In conclusion Chefuy, I have no beef with you man. And I apologies for “pitting” this.
Glad to be aboard the SDMB…

But Chefguy you were still wrong… :slight_smile:

What’s with people who register and immediately pit someone?

If your’e trying to make a name for yourself, cbm77, this really isn’t the way to go about it.

I suggest lurking for awhile, just a little friendly advice.


Hey, cbm77, how about requesting to the moderators that they close this thread?

And you’re welcome, mate. By the looks of your resume there, you’re someone else who will be good to have around on these boards.

Welcome again! :slight_smile:

Chefguy, just curious: If I were to fill out one of your applications and list my race as human', what would you do? It wouldn't be a joke. That's how I identify myself, and that's the stand I intend to take for reasons both political and personal. Would you shitcan the app for being wrongly filled out’, or would you accept it? Is there a general policy?

We genuinely try to assist folks who have problems with forms, etc. For many, English is not a first language, and some speak none at all, for whom we find an interpreter. Some folks are just so far ‘out there’ that they should probably be institutionalized, and some are just everyday strange. The only real part that’s problematic is if someone doesn’t disclose felony convictions.

This guy seemed harmless enough, and he had some amusing outlooks on things, so I thought it was worth relating. And I actually was curious about whether or not the initials stand for something (hey, who the hell knows, maybe he’s on to something).

cbm77: Hey, we’re practically twins… I could take issue with much of your reply, particularly your conclusion of my “obvious disrespect” for public housing applicants. I wouldn’t be doing this job if that was the case. However, I’m willing to let this one die if you are.

…and I’m not wrong, goddamnit.