Chefs: Accept my mystery box challenge?

The ingredients:

Peanut butter
Chicken breast
Red wine vinegar
Red bell pepper
Vidalia onion
Soy sauce
Chicken broth
Chili garlic sauce (The one with the rooster.)
*A whole plethora of spices. No ginger root though. Which I guess you need for Thai noodle.

I might have other basic relevant stuff in my fridge or pantry. Just ask or assume that I do.


(And thanks for indulging me.)

Chopped on the internet! AWESOME!

Cut the chicken into pieces of the size you like. Dice the onion and pepper and mix with everything but the pasta and broth. Marinade the chicken in that mixture for an hour or two in the fridge. You don’t mention any butter or oil, so you’ll have to broil the chicken pieces. Dump the marinade in a sauce pan and reduce it, add more peanut butter if needed to make it thick. Stir in broth to make sauce. Put pasta in wide bowl or deep plate, arrange chicken pieces over it, and lay a pattern of sauce over the top. Too bad you don’t have garlic.

Get rid of the peanut butter, vinegar and soy sauce and you basically have the cheapest Pho type “hot and spicy” soup imaginable.

I like to get the soup boiling hot, pour it on the noodles in a bowl and then quickly crack a raw egg into it. Let the hot soup cook the majority of the egg before stirring.

I have butter! And garlic! (Should have listed it) Thanks for your contribution. Anything you would change with this new information?

Great. Now I’m all hungry.

I would make a peanut sauce with the peanut butter, chicken broth, a splash of red wine vinegar, some chili sauce, a dash of soy and a little finely chopped garlic. Heat on stove till warmed through.

Dice the onion and bell pepper and saute in some butter and olive oil. Add salt and pepper. Cube up the chicken breast and add to the saute. Cook till just done. Add the sauce to the pan and simmer for a minute or two. Add cooked and drained pasta and toss to coat.

Cut the chicken into thin fingers. Reserve some of the onion and pepper and saute it with garlic in butter/oil just until onions turn clear. Add those to the sauce, then heat the pan up very hot and quickly brown the chicken. Also, you could leave out the Sri Racha from the marinade and squirt a pattern over the finished dish on top of the sauce.

I wouldn’t get all that fancy with the plate preparation just for myself. I’d just pile chicken on pasta and pour sauce over it. But if you’re serving someone else it never hurts to get artistic.

I’m going to assume you have cheese, sugar, olive oil (doesn’t have to be EVOO!) and butter.

Dice the onions and peppers in a brunoise cut. Sauté the pepper and onions in a little oil until onion just starts to colour. Allow to cool and add some finely-grated cheese (Parm for choice). Butterfly the breasts and stuff with the onion/pepper/cheese mix, season and secure with toothpicks (chicken olives). Heat up a 50/50 mix of oil & butter to medium, and fry the olives until golden-brown and done through. Possibly need to finish in the oven.

Add a tbs of peanut butter and a tbs of red wine vinegar, and 3 tbs sugar, to a cup of soy and half a cup of chicken broth. Set to reduce over medium-low heat. Reduce to at least a third, it should thicken and coat the back of a spoon. A sort of teriyaki-with-a-satay-touch, I’ve made similar before (no broth in that one, though).

Cook you pasta in chicken broth, not water, then toss with the reduced soy and a drizzle of hot sauce. Remove toothpicks from chicken olives (should now hold together), slice like sausage and serve on top of pasta.

This needs some fresh herbs, sweet basil for preference, torn up and tossed in the pasta too…

This was too easy! A chicken peanut Satay is the obvious answer, so I am going to skip that.

Do you have rice, or anything similar?

If so, maybe try a roasted stuffed pepper?

Prepare rice, quinoa, whatever.
Dice the chicken and onion, sautee onion until you have some color. Add minced garlic and chicken. Just as chicken finishes cooking, a healthy splash or three of soy sauce, a tbsp or two of chili-garlic paste and three tbsp of peanut butter and stir in.

Now stir in the rice.

Cut tops off of bell peppers and remove seeds and membranes, stuff with chicken, rice, onion, pb mix . Place in a oven safe pan, tent with foil and cook until done, maybe 45 minutes?

You could also quickly “flame roast” the peppers before stuffing to improve flavor and appearance, if you have that ability.