Chelsea for 40 goats, 20 cows, and a minor leaguer.

Goats, cows offered for Chelsea. Now, this may seem like a good deal, but that’s speaking as an American. The cows are great defensively, with some power, but they are a liability running the bases. The goats are just wicked fast and hit for average.

The Kenyans are desperate for pitching, granted, but Chelsea’s more of a middle-reliever. Possibly a spot starter, but definately not the closer the Kenyan’s are looking for.

Bill, take the trade.

And he could actually get something useful out of the cows and goats. Cheese, meat, leather, yard trimming service. I bet he’s thinking about it right now. I’ve met Bill twice and each time I had the same thought: “He’s thinking that he could buy and sell me and I’d offer to help him do it.” Really charismatic guy. And the last time I met him I horcked his Diet Coke can that he set down half full. I thought about it a second and then chugged it. Now my lips have been where Bill Clinton’s have been. Anybody got an offer for the can?