Chelsea Manning Could Face Solitary Confinement Following Suicide Attempt

Surely this will cure her from attempting suicide again!!! State governments should take note of this and bring back laws banning attempted suicide including mandatory solitary confinement prison sentences!!!

Yeah - prolonged solitary confinement can drive people batshit crazy, lead to self-mutilation, and is considered torture by some. Do that to someone already suicidal? That will not end well.

Especially if they are batshit crazy to begin with.

So the prison officials can [ul][li]Keep Manning in solitary, with an increased risk of suicide, or Put Manning back into general population, with a bunch of murderers, rapists, and creeps, with an increased risk of various kinds of assault.[/ul]I am guessing that suicide watch is easier than preventing violence in a prison, especially against LGBT prisoners, although I have no hard figures.[/li]