Chem trail question

What’s the deal with chem trails? I always thought it was just the exhaust of certain kinds of jets but it seems to be high on the conspiracy list for guys like Alex Jones. Can anyone explainp exactly what the reality about this is. Also, if people think the govt. is spraying, has anybody gone up in their own plane and collected samples?

I missed an eclipse because three jets were covering the sky in a grid. Over the hour period I watched them do a checkerboard pattern in what had been a cloudless sky and completely obscure the sun, so I couldn’t watch the eclipse. There were military exercises all over the area at the time for a couple years, then it completely stopped happening about the time we were heavily committed in Iraq. Was it an experiment in obscuring the sky for war? I don’t know what the purpose was, just that the sky was being obscured by doing weave patterns in the sky. I’ve seen the trails stop at the end of the grid and restart when back in the spot to start the grid.

The deal is that there is such a thing as chemical warfare using planes to spray chemicals, but that pretty much everything you read about “chemtrails” is the result of a bunch of nutcases getting obsessed over yet another conspiracy.

Because atmospheric conditions vary so much, every day is a new day of observations that confirm the conspiracy.

I’ve been enjoying the chemtrail fruitcakes for years. They can be a lot of fun; a while back some guy had invented some sort of ridiculous defense weapon against them that he was selling.

Just google “chemtrail” and enjoy. e.g.

Maybe I’m miss-reading the OP, but I want to point out that the white “clouds” left by high-flying jets are contrails, short for condensation trails.

Not if you’re a wacko.

There is a distinction. The term chem trail distinguishes that they are not talking about a regular jet exhaust which would be a contrail.

You finally ate that ham, didn’t you?

The “chemtrail” fanatics have shown themselves incapable of making a logical, reproducible distinction between jet contrails and fantasy chemtrails.

It’s difficult to comprehend how the government/Illuminati who are supposedly behind spraying chemtrails for mind or population control, have managed to protect themselves, family and friends from the dire effects. You’d expect to see lots of people wandering around in protective suits and masks, but no such luck.

It’s like the claims that Big Medicine/Big Pharma is deliberately suppressing a cure for cancer. Are all these people committing suicide for the sake of the Conspiracy? It does not compute.

I expect Jesse Ventura’s new “Conspiracy” show on TruTV to be delving into this crap any day now.

It would be nice if the people on this board could ever answer questions about this topic without resorting to calling people crazy as a reason it can’t be happening. Wacko, fruitcake or nut job used as a broad term for anybody saying the military does sometimes obscure the sky is offensive and wrong. There are always extremists that are mentally unstable that outshine other people in a group and are used to discredit the observations of normal people. Point out your example of frothing lunacy if you must, but know that it only applies to that person.

Jackmannii your including all sorts of theories in a big lump like they are all believed true by everyone. I personally think they are just a surveillance screen when the military wants one. They do training over the USA so there will be occurrences here. That’s it for me. No more. No less.

Please do point out “the observations of normal people” that support the existence of “chemtrails”, and explain how these revelations are any more compelling than those used to justify “the 9/11 coverup” or any other popular conspiracy theory.

In the case of “chemtrails” proponents, there appear to be minimal differences between the frothing-at-the-mouth wackadoodles and the “normal people” who claim their health is being ruined by government spraying.

Believe what you want, but the stuff the chemtrailers point to wouldn’t adequately screen anything.

My point is don’t associate my views with the poisoning people or other views I didn’t state.

The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory is my favorite. It’s so much fun, and so wacky.

Of course not! That would falsify their conspiracy theory! See, crazy conspiracy theories have to be unfalsifiable to stick around. With chemtrails, someone could spend a few thou and test it, but then they’d have to move on. And the people who don’t believe the CT don’t care enough to spend the money to do it.

But you do believe that the military is spraying stuff in the atmosphere, other than normal jet engine exhaust, in cris-crossing patterns, for some other reason. I will go on record and make a prediction that by the time this thread peters out, you will no longer hold this view.

In WW2 high altitude bombers often had their marginal stealthiness ruined by contrails. If there was any way for them to NOT produce them, they would have. It is a combination of warm exhaust and cold air. Nothing more, nothing less.

And imagine what would happen when a chem trail started coming out of their own plane! The conspiracy runs deeper than we feared…

Speaking of wacky beliefs. No belief is wackier than the belief a message board discussion will change some ones mind.

OK guys, blah blah crazy, yadda yadda nutters, all aside, could some meteorological, physics, or other science-type person explain what’s going on then?

Why, on some days, does it look like a cross-hatch pattern in the sky with milky - almost iridescent - colors, and on others the sky is a blank where you can see jets with nothing coming out of them? Why sometimes, are there some jets with no contrails whatsoever, some with a slight contrail that disappears as it goes along (that’s what I remember jet contrails looking like when I was a child) and others that seem to spew grayish colored “stuff” across the whole sky - coexisting in the same weather conditions? What is happening when the “stuff” lingers for hours and appears to spread into a filmy haze over the sky?

Maybe if the phenomenon could be adequately explained in terms of meteorology, maybe those “nutters” you might feel like making fun of, would understand!! Then maybe they wouldn’t be crazy anymore??

Someone just give it a shot!! I’m sure the “fanatics” would listen to true scientific knowledge, if it could explain the weird visual stuff that happens with “contrails”!

It’s happened right here. Not on something as whacko as chemtrails, but at least one poster (Bricker) was reasoned out of opposition to same-sex marriage by argument in a GD thread.

Because the plans are not experiencing the same meteorological conditions. They’re flying at different altitudes (different temps and humidity) with engines that have different exhaust characteristics.