Chemical Ali Released-Who's first, Barbara, Leno, or Oprah?

The man who made Gulf II a war to remember claims now to have given himself up to US forces and that he has been released. true to form, US forces deny it.

The kid’s still got it! No wonder Ari Fleischer quit; when you go up against a true spinmeister like Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf and not measure up you might as well hang it up.

So, who gets the first full interview and what’ll it cost? ABC tends to snag the big’uns for Babs to fawn over, but Oprah is no slacker when it comes to hero worship, has the bucks, and could use the ratings boost. Leno and Letterman will get him eventually but don’t pay that well so Mo will need to hit them when he’s on the book tour. Then there’s that dark horse, Al Jazeera, with money and a built it audience. Or it could be Charlie Rose.

No, not Charlie Rose. Mo’s not THAT washed up yet.

One thing I do know is that he blew it waiting so long to turn himself in. Had he done it during sweeps there’d be more money in it.

I think it would be perfect for Geraldo. Birds of a feather.

Maybe Larry King? :smiley:

I think [url=""Chemical Ali is a different person than the man you are thinking of.

I think Chemical Ali is a different person than the man you are thinking of.

The headline in quesiton says ‘Comical Ali released.’ Chemical Ali is thought to be dead. Al-Sahhaf is not. Although, as many have pointed out, if he WAS dead, we’d only know because he was publicly denying it. :wink:

I thought everybody called this guy “Bagdad Bob.” Maybe that’s just around here tho.

They gotta get him into tv. Maybe he could save Saturday Night Live :slight_smile:

(damned typing fingers)

Yeah, I meant “Comical Ali.” It was late. The sun was in my eyes. The ball took a bad hop. :mad:

Be real nice if a mod could fix my screwup, though the attitude is usually “You screwed up. Live with your sin. Let it dangle around your neck like a rotting albatross so all can see your stupidity.”

If I was a hot chick I wouldn’t have to put up with this shit. :wink:

Surely some outfit needing a spokesperson could snap him up and have him promote some product/service with known deficiencies. After all, we have people whose veracity is known to be suspect hawking all manner of products with little or no intrinsic value.

Maybe they could get Tom Bodett (sp?) to step aside and have Baghdad Bob describe the marvelous features of Motel 6.

So, are they back to saying that Chemical Ali is definitely dead? I remember a couple of weeks ago, the word was that he is probably still alive.

I know there had been a rumor that Comical Ali had killed himself shortly after Baghdad fell. Now that’s definitely been disproven.

I expect he’ll soon have his own show on MSNBC. It seems like they’ll give anyone a show on that network, and he would sure beat “Scarborough Country.”

I haven’t kept up to date on (the real) Ali’s status. I’d heard that he was killed when they bombed his house or a relative’s or whatever it was, and hadn’t heard anything to contradict that since. If the word has changed - it always does, doesn’t it? I hadn’t heard, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Fear not. You can always get a job writing sigs.
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“They’re are no keyboards! I do not type and neither should you! I blame all of this on Al Jazera, who are typing whatever the Moderators say!”

Found this BBC report from June 6th, which states that Chemical Ali’s status is “uncertain”: