Chemical licenses

Is it necessary to possess some sort of license before ordering the chemicals one would use in basic high school chemistry class experiments? If so, what are the requirements for having such a license, and how does one obtain it? Do laws about this vary from state to state?

Never heard of needing a license to buy lab chemicals. There may be some particularly dangerous ones that aren’t available, but for the most part, it seems to be wide open to anyone with a credit card.

The majority of chemical supply companies with which I am familiar are not going to sell to just any private party. To order, you must establish an account. I believe they do not establish accounts with just anyone. However, I have always ordered chemicals as a member of an educational institution or as an employee of a recognized company.

As a researcher in industry, I could call up Aldrich and order sodium cyanide and have it shipped to me (at work) right away. I really hope Joe Shmo can not do the same. There is an understanding that certain things should only be used by individuals that have been trained in safe handling precautions, but no licensing that I am aware of.