Chemicals in this product have been known to cause cancer...

I bought a plastic pumpkin at Target last night and it it had a disclaimer on it. The sicker read “chemicals in this procuct have been known to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.” I washed my hands very thoroughly because I don’t need any reproductive harm. What is on the pumpkin? I’ve seen these signs in resturants and at Disneyland too. What chemical(s) are in this stuff and should I be really worried about this? When did they start making business and products post these warnings?

It’s mostly bullshit and you can blame it on California. Any product which might be sold in CA has to carry this warning if it contains certain cehemicals, even if the amounts are insignificant or there’s virtually no chance of coming into contact with them. If you actually go to California, you’ll see this warning posted almost everywhere; even lightbulbs carry it, due to the lead solder used on the bases.

Many plastics contain Bisphenol A, which some scientists feel is a problem. In a study that NPR was discussing this very morning, people with high levels of Bisphenol A in their urine were much more likely to have certain medical problems when compared to people with low amounts in their urine. I can’t find today’s story, but here is one from a year ago:

Hey, maybe Bisphenol A is actually a preventative medicine against those conditions, and people with high amounts in their urine are excreting a valuable chemical!

Hey, what people in California do with plastic pumpkins to cause themselves reproductive harm is none of my business. Live and let live I say.

hehe. I found the story, and it is diabetes and heart disease that they were discussing. Here ya go:

From the link:

I think if they made the eye holes bigger then there would be less “reproductive harm” going on.

Yep, the prop 65 warning. It’s freaking everywhere.

The last time we had a thread on those warnings, it was pointed out that the law provides very strict penalties for anything that contains a listed substance without a warning, but no penalty at all for putting the warning on something that doesn’t actually contain any listed substance. So there’s a very strong incentive to just slap the warning on everything you sell, without actually doing any testing on it.