Chemist type Dopers: zinc sulfide+citric acid+sodium bicarbonate glommed onto beaker...

Tried a variety of google searches; must not be my day. The kids (8&10 y/o) did a little experiment that produced a rather nice glow-in-the-dark solution using the title ingredients, but after sitting in the beaker too long (they wanted to see how long the effect would last) the little blob not in solution at the bottom adhered itself quite nicely to the beaker. This is a legit Pyrex® beaker from a decent kids chem set, FWIW. Chemistry not being my strong suit, I was hoping someone here can first tell us whether we’ve lost the beaker (as in permanently bonded - not really a big deal, but I hate waste and it’s a nice little 200ml.), and also list the actual chemical equation, since the little experiment booklet doesn’t cover equations. Woulda been nice if they pointed out not to let it sit, but oh well.

Thanks for any insight, dopers.

Need answer fast?

Google “zinc sulphide phosphorescence”