Cheney staff behind Plame outing

The investigation appears to be moving a bit more quickly than that:
Air Force One phone records subpoenaed in Plame probe

Also subpoenaed were records records created in July by the White House Iraq Group, a transcript of a White House spokesman’s press briefing (July 12) in Nigeria (not available through and a list of everyone who attended Gerry Ford’s birthday party on July 16th ( :confused: ).
The deadlines on the three subpeonas are Jan. 30, Feb. 4 and Feb. 6, so perhaps we shall learn something interesting soon.

What are the chances that Shrub could pull a Daddy Bush and pardon everyone involved before they can roll over on the WH?

It’s one thing to promise a patsy a nice, cushy job in the private sector if he just plays along, takes the rap for some official malfeasance and resigns.

It’s more difficult to persuade your patsy that going to a federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison for a couple of years is a better choice than singing like a canary.

I’m guessing that the WH strategy will be to do whatever it takes to stonewall this until after the election and then either pass out pardons (especially if they lose) or begin a campaign of character assasination against the stoolies.

For this, you’re not going to Super Max. More like Club Fed.

I suspect they’ll fight and deny this to the bitter end. Just like the McDougals, Ollie North & Pointdexter. It sounds like there may be lots of wiggle room in the statute here for them to argue no violation.

It’s political dynamite for the Democrats. A story like this would take months of litigation and recriminations to play out.

Kerry and co. could afford to kick back and spend the winter in Mauritius, sipping Margaritas then returning with just enough time to arrange a removalist for the furniture & new keyboards for the PCs.

So, sadly given its fun quotient, the GOP will act quickly to kill this one. Maybe ‘discovering’ OBL the same week. Or is this too imaginative a thought?

Nah, they’re saving Uncle Osama for September.

Oliver North,
Oliver North,
He’s a happy fallguy and he’ll take the blame.
He’s Oliver North,
Oliver North,
We’ll just go and buy him a gate.

-Poetry of a quality unequaled since the heady days of deecmber.
Take a bow Dogface. :wink: