Chernobyl fall guy

What happened to the person who was to blame for the Chernobyl melt down?

The Chernobyl disaster was caused by a combination of very bad reactor design and inept management. (How much of each has been debated heavily.)

There was no one guy to blame for the disaster. Nearly everyone who was working in the plant that night died of radiation poisoning within days or weeks, as did many of the soldiers and construction workers who were sent in to clean up the mess.

I have a hard copy of a report by Atomic Energy of Canada that claims to be the internationally accepted theory of how the whole disaster went down; I’ll hunt around and see if I can find an online version.

Basically, this report contends that the guy most culpable, the one who panicked when the coast-down test dropped the reactor below restart levels and overrode the computer safeties, was vaporized pretty much instantly when the coolant flash boiled.

That depends on which theory you believe for what caused the accident- reactor design or operator error. I don’t think the designers were punished, though similar reactors were retrofitted after the accident to prevent something similar happening. The chief of the reactor crew on duty that night, Alexander Akimov, died of radiation poisoning within a few weeks of the accident, as did most of the rest of the crew.