Cherry jelly add in flavors no jams

I have sour cherries to make some cherry jelly. Do you have good add in flavors for it. I don’t think I’ll get more than juice done today. The flood has hidden the jelly equipment in catches throughout the piles of stuff lying everywhere.

I do have wild grape juice from last year that never made it into jelly, so I’ll probably make one batch grape cherry, and one cherry. Juice for other jellies will still be available. I don’t know if I’ll have a large number of blackberries available this year. I guess I’ll see if the patch is usable this year. I doubt it.

What about almond? Extract would be simplest, or you could go for Amaretto. Either way you could add blanched slivered almonds.

I have 13 cups of cherry juice. I don’t want to add solids like almonds to the jelly. I’ll have to think about the extract. I like to let the juice settle out solids for a while so I have a few days to decide combinations.

I don’t know how you feel about mixing heat with sweet, but I’ve heard of cherry jalapeno jelly. (I’ve even found an online retailer that offers it.) What I haven’t looked for, yet, is a recipe telling me how to add the jalapeno flavor to the jelly.