Chess master who used "disgusting" ploy

It’s like saying. “Never mind me, just make another move.” It indicates that either 1) you have zero respect for your opponent’s skill at chess, or 2) you have zero skills of your own. It’s almost like giving odds like “pawn and move” (but without the pawn).

It’s generally considered to be a sound strategy to try to capture at least some of your opponent’s pieces. :wink:

It’s not a ‘disgusting opening ploy’. That was just the Soviets having sour grapes over their poster boy Karpov losing.

Since 1. … a6 is not a useful opening move (which develop your pieces/ control the centre / get castled) then, as Zeldar says, it’s saying “I can do well even giving you a move start.”
Karpov was presumably disconcerted and allowed Miles to steer the game into a position where a6 was actually useful. At this point no doubt Miles is feeling great and Karpov is somewhat embarrassed - and these emotions will affect their concentration (good for Miles, bad for Karpov.)