Man killed after chess argument

After browsing around, it appears there’s no thread for this, so . . .
In Ireland (Castlenock, a bit north of Dublin, to be precise), a man was found dead and cut open after having and argument about a chess move. His murderer, apparently, had tried to eat his heart after their heated debate.
Well, then.
The man was evidently the killer’s landlord. Maybe he felt like a pawn in their relationship. ducks flying tomatoes.

I wonder if he was texting during the game.


The article says he was found early Sunday morning. Must have happened at knight.


This is unacceptable. This should only happen in Russia.

Or Florida.

So, what’s a good defence against an opponent who opens with a knife?

So, Check Mate then?

The Winchester gambit?

“Is it still my move?” [and then dies]

Looks like we need a Bishop for the last rites.

This is not 'Nam, this is chess. There are rules.

The case, as extraordinary as it is, seems to be getting extra coverage as the victim was a member of the infamous Iona Institute, a conservative group that opposes same sex marriage. I find the whole sensationalistic coverage of the case very off-putting. Irish journalism is, for the most part, dreadful. Apologies for the lack of chess pun in my post.

How do you even have an argument about a chess move? The move is either legal or it’s not. The only moves that’re even vaguely complex are castling and en passant, and frankly, those aren’t that complex either.

On the same page as the OP’s news article, there’s another article about how you can still be jailed in the UK for being a republican.


So they were against Queens?

If only that were the case in America.
I’ll show you zugzwang!

No thread but I did mention it in here: :slight_smile:

Failing to announce j’adoube before touching a piece that you don’t intend to move can result in some heated arguments. That killed Bobby Fischer when he played Wolfgang Unzicker in 1960.

Although not literally.

Perhaps an argument over whether a position repeated three times leading to stalemate?