Chess Study

Maybe this is better suited for GQ; I’m not sure. But my question is, a couple years ago, I read this study (or an article about a study) that was trying to tell the differences between chess grandmasters and chess. . . the level right below grandmasters. Basically, the study found that the only real difference was that grandmasters just liked the game more. I’ve been trying to find this, but I’ve had no luck. Search engines give me pages of crap, just because I don’t know what to look for, and no one else seems to remember what I am talking about.
What about you? Has anyone read this? Where was it published, or where can I find it?

Sorry I can’t help you with the study you are looking for but the Level just below an International Grand master is International Master. Here is the full information on the requirements for these titles.
In general the difference is that International Grand masters are consistently stronger players. How much of this is due to natural brilliance, and how much to preparation and dedication is almost a GD topic, with my opinion being as with most ‘sports’, both are required to get to the very top. Certainly pure love of the game is not enough to make that final hurdle. I will try and remember to look up my chess biographies and get you some examples, but believe me there are plenty of people who have devoted their lives to doing just this and failed.