Chess Tournament

So ya like chess? Groovy! Sign up for our chess tournament beginning May 1!

We won’t know the exact structure of the tourney til we know how many are going to play, but we will start off with two staggered rounds, all games in these rounds must be finished within 2 weeks. The winners of the games in these rounds will move on in an elimination playoff type thingie until one is left standing.

Grand Prize is a $20 gift certificate. Second prize is your choice of a t-shirt, mug, or mousepad from the Fathom store.

Sign Up Here >>>>>

I’m in. I will fail miserably, but I’ve always loved the game. Hopefully dad’s lessons will pay off. :wink:

You might want to put some form of rating cap say around 1900 on entrants, to keep things fun.

Hey don’t worry. I’m in too, and I SUCK hehehe

I signed on, Opal. A coupla questions: (1) I was sent to Yahoo Groups or something. Did I join some sort of club? (2) When you say a time limit of two weeks, what happens with a game in progress? Is it adjudicated, a draw, or a loss to the person on move?

We don’t have the details ironed out yet.

This here mediocre player has signed up. Great idea!

OOps forgot to address the yahoo thing.

Yahoo owns Egroups. You’ve subscribed to a mailing list.

As soon as our new server is set up, the list will be migrated to majordomo on our own server, but until then we need a free solution and they’re it.

Umm, I just gave them my name but no email address, I wasn’t sure what that was for. It has my name on the list, though.

Hmm… I thought the directions made it pretty clear that it was so we could contact you. You know, like to tell you when the tournament begins and who is playing who and stuff.

Anybody who wants an instant by into the second round, I’m your opponent!

I was beaten regularly, in just a few moves, by a chess program for the original TRS-80 Model 1 that fit into only 4k of memory! Beat THAT, Demo and Opal!

I’ll join in. I haven’t played a tournament for about two years now.


–I’m not rated

–I’ve played in one tournament in my life, and I was in 7th grade

–my web access is fairly limited (however, I do have constant access to e-mail)

sigh. I’d love to play, but final exams start on May 2, and I can’t have any distractions like this going on…couldn’t hold off for two more weeks, could ya?