I just returned from Las Vegas, and came across something quite unusual. The gas station on the SW corner of Tropicana and I-15 is outfitted like a “Chevron” station (right down to the color scheme on the pumps), yet all the signage says “Standard”. The Chevron logo has “Standard” in the same font. Now I do know that Chevron is the modern name of the Standard Oil Company of California, also that the name “Standard” was in use (with the old Amoco logo) in the midwest for a time, but this is the first time I have seen the “Standard” brand used. Any idea on this? Do other former Standard Oil Trust companies still use “Standard”?

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No more Chevron gas stations.

A History of Chevron Names and Hallmarks dates the use of Standard to 1968.


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Plenty of them still here in Georgia. In fact, there is a Chevron station directly across the street from the Texaco station I fill up at about half the time.

I’m sure they plan to close one or the other station at some point but I asked the manager of the Texaco station about it a while back and she said no one had said anything to them about it and she thought they were planning on keeping both sets of stations open for a while.