Chewin' on ice

Aside from the obvious noise problem with ice munching, are there really any other problems associated with it?

I’ve heard from many people that I could break my teeth doing it, but it seems to me that if my dog can munch on bones for years and years on end with no ill effects, I should be fine.

Actually, of things I chew on, ice just happens to be my favorite. If there’s none handy, it’s whatever semi-pliable plastic I can find. Straws, bic pens, sporks, you name it. I hope to one day chew my credit cards unuseable.

Anyone else have a chewing fixation like this, or am I alone with my gnawing problems? (pun intended)

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I’m a totally compulsive ice chewer. I’m very orally fixated in general (much to the delight of my (sadly former) lovers). It doesn’t seem to have any correlation with sexual frustruation (read: “not gettin’ any”) because I do it as often when I’m getting laid as when I’m not.

Dr. Crane! Your glockenspiel has come to life!

Hey, I’m with you on the frustration part. In fact, I think that if given the opportunity to try using ice in a situation like that, I’d probably end up chewing it even then.

I don’t think it’s the hardness that’s supposed to be the problem, I think it’s the temperature. Freezing and warming your teeth constantly may lead to cracking eventually. (Just like the roads.)

Anyway, it drives me nuts. Stop it this instant!

Im a pen chewer! I admit it. I will chew them useless, the caps alone never last more then a day. Theres just something about chewing on that pliable plastic. Yup. oral fixater here too.

Mmmmmm, plastic pens. I like to pop out the cap at the end, and chew the pen into a flare. The first part to go is the arm of the cap, though.

And, just for you, cher, I’ve got a fresh cup from the icemaker handy. Not From Concentrate! grind grind grind

Evil, Mr Cynical. I hope someone sits next to you on your next cross-country flight and pops her gum the whole way. While clipping her nails and humming tunelessly. With her headphones turned up just loud enough to hear the whine but not to identify the song.

Every time. That’s Mrs. Cynical :smiley:

When I’m sitting at the computer, I am constantly chewing my shirt collar. I also love to chew ice.

I like to think it is a mark of genius. Didn’t Aristotle chew on his shirt collar?

Hi, CRUNCH my name is CRUNCH zgystardst and I am an ice-chewimg CRUNCH addict.

For as long as I can remember.

I grew up before wide use of fluoride, so I have a lot of fillings and a few caps. I have chipped a few fillings and one cap, probably due to the habit. Cracking or chipping a tooth is a real possibility (not that that has made me give up the habit).

Re bones and dogs: I’m not a vet and I don’t have a dog, but I thought the current wisdom was that bones are a no-no because the dog can choke on soft ones and can break a tooth on hard ones.

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What Cher3 said ! Both times !

My son is always chewing on something, I always thought it was because I wouldn’t allow him to suck his thumb when he was little.

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Maybe it;s not thumbsucking that was his deal. Apparently, I was weaned early, which might also explain my fascination with boobies :slight_smile:

I just heard this for the 1st time the other day, chewing on ice means you are sexually frustrated. I have to think about that one for a moment…

God, I wish I was a loofa.

When at the movies I always ask the concession wench for extra ice in my soda. The soda is gone within 10 minutes, but the ice lasts almost all the way through the film. I love it ! I for one have never cracked a tooth or even had a cavity. Surely this is all an UL. If it isn’t I don’t care . . . ice chomping is a serious hobby !

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Personally I can’t stand to chew ice that has come fresh from the IceMaker. It has to be ice that has been swimming around in a soda. There is cetain flavor that this special kind of ice has that makes me want more.

I feel you pain guys. When I get a meal from the various fast food resturaunts (burger, fries and soda) I don’t feel that the meal is finished until I chew all the ice.

While driving around the other day my girlfriend told me that my ice-chewing drives her crazy. She also told me that her father hates it even more. :frowning: I promptly pushed the shinny red “Eject” button and launched her outta my car. She was last seen heading toward the Pacific, probally not chewing on ice. :smiley:

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OK, put me down as a member of the ice-chewing, pen-chewing club. I’ve been doing it since childhood, with no apparent ill effects. I haven’t had a cavity or other tooth problem (not counting wisdom teeth) in over 20 years!

shudder I cannot stand ice chewing. I have very temperature-sensitive teeth, and can’t do it myself. Even thinking about it gives me shivvers.

Same thing with scraping nails on blackboards.

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I can’t believe no one has mentioned the phrase “oral fixation” in this thread yet.

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I’ve always been told that chewing on ice means you have an iron deficiency. I don’t know if it’s true or not though. I know that when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I chewed on ice all the time and then found out that I was anemic. I had to start taking 2 iron pills everyday plus my pre-natal vitamins!! :eek: I stopped crunching on the ice though so maybe it is an iron deficiency.

Anyway, I digress.

That John Denver’s full of shit man!

Do you know how hard it was not to?