Chewing Gum For Household Repairs

Big old houses have stuff which breaks. I have a collection of pastes, cements and adhesives I sometimes use for small scale repairs. One is a metallic putty that you warm and shape. There are fancy glues for fancy purposes.

Yet I find these things sometimes work well and sometimes don’t. And when they do not, I find something that does — chewing gum. Not for every job, but really works well when it does. It is a formulation containing lots of chicle.

Cheap, waterproof, easy to mold, slow to dry, safe on hands, removable, tastes great, less filling.

So what are the downsides?

Do you think it may start to crumble after a few months ?
I use it for filling in small holes in the drywall :slight_smile:

Did it crumble?

Does it lose its flavor overnight?

Never used it by the bedpost. I just hope it does not attract mice.

That’s what toothpaste is for.

I thought toothpaste was for screens and old CDs?

Cloudy headlights too I suppose. Some people swear by it.
Same with pimples. :slight_smile:

No, wasp spray is for cloudy headlights.