Chicago-area Dopers, lend me your bank recommendations ...

Hey everyone,

Looking to poll all the Windy City dopers for their opinion on regional banks. I’m in the north suburbs and have been strongly considering a move to a more widely recognized bank to have both better online support with my personal finance software (which throws a fit when trying to connect to my current bank) and to get better ATM coverage as well. I’ve looked at the usual candidates you see advertised everywhere (Bank of America definetely touts their online aspect on TV) … but I wanted to poll Chicagoans on local banks. I don’t travel much outside the area, so a nationally-recognized chain isn’t critical … the only time I ever really go to an ATM is when I’m downtown anyway, and I’d rather not pay $2+ when I do. Under strongest consideration are First American, Harris, and Bank One. Any customer service success OR horror stories with these or others are welcome!

I could probably also hijack my own thread by asking if anyone else has any problems with connecting to their bank using Microsoft Money (any version in the last two years). I’ve read that MS switched whatever service provider it is that coordinates all that online bank transaction work and the new provider is major suckage. This is the source of the problem, and I never used to have problems with the 2002 version but the last two releases have been garbage with regard to connecting and downloading bank and credit card statement details. Every year, this software gets more bloated with advertising crap, and less reliable with regard to its features. I’m getting rather fed up with it, but I figure maybe having an account at a more renowned bank might help alleviate the connectivity problems … ?