CHICAGO Big Lebowski fans, read this!

Heads up for Chicago Lebowski fans: The Music Box is showing it as a midnight film tonight and tomorrow night (Friday Sept. 26 and Saturday Sept. 27)!

I would LOVE to see this as a midnight show with a lot of other big fans, but damn if I don’t have to get up at 5:30am to go to work both Saturday and Sunday. The last time I tried doing a Music Box midnight show on Friday night, a few months ago with Return To Oz, I was in one sorry-assed shape at work the next day. Even No-Doze didn’t help.

Still, oh my god it’s so tempting!

I was going to put this in the other Lebowski thread but since it’s so time-sensitive, I figured I’d better make a separate thread.

That’s cool…thanks for posting this. I wonder if I can make it through a midnight showing after a day of college football drinking…

You know, I saw it about a year ago at the Music Box. I only occasionally check the midnight movie schedule over there, and never thought about the possibility of them repeating stuff. I wonder if that means I just missed “the Princess Bride.”

I love the midnight movies, but even though they’re on the weekend I have trouble finding people who want to go. I think my friends are getting old - no one wants to start watching a movie that late.