Chicago 'dopers - thoughts about closet organizers

Have any ChiDopers used ClosetWorks ? I am moving into a new construction home with large, but not yet efficiently organized, closets. Like many urban professionals, I have $$, but no time, and would prefer to pay someone to design a storage system and install it for me. Or rather for us, as jeevfiance, formerly jeevgurl will be adding her stuff to the mix.

ClosetWorks sounds ideal, but I was curious if anyone has any experience, good, bad or indifferent, or has thoughts about other design companies.


I’ve never used ClosetWorks, but based on the pictures on the website it looks like the person who used to live in my place did, and it looks more like the Hampton design than the others. I’m currently coveting the Prairie, but that closet looks to be about the size of my entire bedroom so maybe not yet. I can tell you the shelving is fantastic for sweaters, t-shirts, and various linens, and I was able to move the shelves around to fit my clothes. I greatly appreciate the drawers, as I got rid of my large dresser last year. Oh, and another thing: I love the jewelry drawer! It’s the same width as the regular drawers, and is lined with black fuzzy stuff with plastic separators. You can lock it as well. I’ve been living in the condo for about three years, and everything is holding up very well, and I have no idea how long the shelves were there before I moved in. Sorry I can’t tell you anything about installation.