Chicago Reader changes hands

Creative Loafing? The mission statement for the Dope should be expanded to reflect the lack of productivity that this place can inspire.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Hmmm…this could be the Bell Tolling For The SDMB™.

They could kill the Board.

I dunno, if any of these Dopers visit Chicago, they’re sure to pick up a copy of the Reader and see what wonderful events (and advertisers) Chicago has to offer during their stay. :smiley: But really, the Reader was the first thing I looked for coming out of Midway.

Is it time for the ominous music on the soundtrack of the SDMB to start playing yet?

Well, they could…or they could jack up the rates. That’s more likely, I think.

When I lived in Atlanta back in the '80’s, Creative Loafing was a wonderful paper.

I hope they don’t kill the board.

I doubt it. Creative Loafing news release (pdf)

Maybe we’ll finally see some bandwidth improvement – that’d be nice.

Creative Loafing at Wikipedia
Chicago Reader at Wikipedia

It looks like the Creative loafing papers carry the STRAIGHT DOPE .

It doesn’t seem to be a regular feature, but whenever the carried the Straight Dope column, they closed by promoting the SDMB, as well (which I’m sure was part of the copyrights, but still). [

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Can’t speculate on what might happen because none of us know yet. We’ll pass on what we know when we know it.

But one way or the other the problems you’ve been unhappy about will doubtless be resolved. :slight_smile:

That scares me more than the prospect of them simply shutting down the board.

Doesn’t every worthwhile alternative style paper carry The Straight Dope? I’ll hope for the better, but I still have this sinking feeling hearing of the sale.

That last quote makes me think of the up surge in guest troll postings every year after school lets out.

Just to echo Tubadiva’s comments: moderators on the Message Boards have been asked not to comment, since we know nothing. Speculation in the absence of data is useless spinning of wheels.

Fighting Ignorance from 1973 to 2007. RIP.

If they’re against speculation in the absense of data, this board’s definitely in trouble.

I live in Atlanta and pick up Creative Loafing occasionally. It does a lot of investigative local stories, but also has a lot of stupid crap. Hope they don’t move the Reader in a different direction.

What would it cost to keep this board going? Would enough members be willing to ante up if someone pulled the plug?

The problem is that the new owners of the board wouldn’t own the Straight Dope brand, and there’d be some new and probably not insignificant costs associated with licensing it.