chicago school statistics in the 1960's

Where on Earth do you find statistics on chicago school violence, achievement, etc.
for the late 1960’s. Is there a place of defunct school records?

Here’s one place to start. I took a Chicago History course back when I was going to college - this book is fascinating.

Also, you might want to call one of the Chicago Public Libraries - they should have someone who can maybe steer you in the right direction.

You could also go right to the horse’s mouth so to speak. Ask 'em yourself.

I thought from the title, this thread would be stuff like: “Did you know that Milton Friedman met his long lost cousin in 1964”?

Edit: no I didn’t. Statistics would be “did you know, the Chicago School only employed one Milton from 1960-1967”?

I do happen to know that the Chicago Public Schools passed the 50%-nonwhite-enrollment mark as far back as 1963 - which happens to be the first year records of enrollment by race were kept. (I believe Mexicans were classified as “Other” that year.)