Chicago Tribune article: Flame-retardant material

Legit or not?
This paper has started a fire storm in the furnishings industry that goes to the basic core of how our federal government works. Payoffs / planted witnesses / fake studies / how some industries can make our elected officials and other federal agencies look like cheap whores.

You’re just noticing that the federal government is brothel for corporations? And it took the right-wing, reactionary, middlebrow Tribune to do it? Whatever.

Welcome to despair and cynicism and the fetid corpse of the American Dream. 32 years of the Reagan Administration and the national motto of “Greed is Good” have kicked the stuffing out of US Democracy and we’ve been reduced to corporate serfs. Since money is the only thing that matters, stupid stuff like honesty, duty, compassion, and thinking have all been chucked overboard. And this happened years ago. Welcome to the USA.

Fellas, I think you are in the wrong forum. Possibly even the wrong message board.

The Chicago Tribune has been running an investigative seriesthat calls into question fabric and upholstery flame retardant materials.

I have changed the title to add more relevant material.

(Not necessarily flame-retardant.)

This would be more appropriate in General Questions, I think, so moving there.