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I loved Chicago when I lived there. Sure, the weather was crap for 95% of the year and both of the neighborhoods I lived in were sketchtastic but I just loved the vibe of the city. The architecture is beautiful and the people are interesting. Each neighborhood has its own thing going on.

Although to be honest, I don’t know if I’d enjoy it as much if I moved back now. Half the fun of living there was living in close proximity to some of my close friends.

I agree…always proud to say I once lived there - great times, great food, great theater, amazing clubs and nightlife, one of the great cities in the US - unfortunately, I think most people don’t think of Chicago as a place to go unless they have to go there. I might be proven wrong with this poll, but if it weren’t for the crappy weather, I think Chicago would be a major tourist attraction. Lots of people have no idea that it is even on the lake, with all those benefits in good weather. I had ONE friend in Germany who had ever been to Chicago, and he told me it was his favorite place in the entire USA, but admitted that he had never met another German who had ever gone there, unless to change planes.

I have spent five hours waiting at O’Hare airport. Quite boring it was.

Lived in Chicago in the 60’s, as a boy.

Great place, & Google Streetview sayth the old house is nicely kept up.

I think most people who fall in love with Chicago have either lived there or have visited someone who lives there. I don’t think it’s a particularly amazing city in terms of tourism. I certainly wasn’t terribly impressed the first few months I lived there. You have to really live there to appreciate it fully.

Gah. I miss my two years there SO MUCH. UChicago was amazing, I made so many good friends during my time there, and the year I spent living on the North side was also tons of fun. Cool shops, funky bars, great food. And I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner there. Sniffle.

Haven’t been there, but I like big cities and I love big cities with big buildings. Plus, they’re supposed to have a great music scene, and I hear they do interesting stuff with hot dogs.

The cold weather doesn’t bother me - cold weather is exotic.

My sister went to University there, and I visited her twice. Maybe three times.

Two things were a big put-off for me: one is the weather. It’s just too cold for me.

The other is, well, its city-ness. I just don’t care for big cities, nothing personal about Chicago. I dislike NYC for the same reason.

I’m living in the Chicago suburbs, and working downtown; I visited in my teen years and loved it so much that I was thrilled when I ended up moving here after grad school. The way I figure, the cold weather keeps this place from getting way too overpopulated. :smiley:

Besides, I used to live in Wisconsin and Minnesota; it’s not so bad by comparison.

I live here now and…it’s okay. True, there are fantastic things to do here, I just…don’t *do *many of them!

I suspect it’s one of those places I’m going to get nostalgic about when I leave, but I’m getting ready to leave. Another 8 months of nursing school, maybe a year or two after that for some work experience, and I’ll be ready to move on.

Meh. It’s like Toronto. But with a better hockey team.

I’ve visited there as a tourist twice (i.e. not visiting a friend or traveling on business). Had a good time both times. I don’t think I’ll walk from the El station to the Museum of Science and Industry in the future, though.

Love the architecture. As a visitor, found it difficult to get around.

Chicago’s OK if you like winter so I wouldn’t live there. There’s plenty to do and there are a lot of good restaurants and cultural activities.

Visited and hated it. But blame the circumstances, not the city.

ABout a month into my job, I was told that I needed to go there for a conference. It was mostly a day of sitting in airports, on airplanes, and on a shuttle bus. We arrived at the conference late, so all of the good food was gone. The conference itself was boring and incomprehensible to me. I left my apartment at 6:00 am and didn’t get back home until after 9:00 pm.

And a lot of the trip came out of my own pocket.

Technically, I spent an hour in O’Hare on a layover, but I’d love to visit, especially since my daughter is living there now.

Grew up on the Southside… and hung out on the North side… Totally biased but I miss the White Castle… the dipped italian beef at AL’s on Taylor street… the gyros at Zorba’s on Jackson and Halsted… Carl’s hot dogs on South Exchange…

Don’t miss that last blast of winter at the end or March… But that usually indicates that the Cubs and the Soxs are gettin geared up to let me down for another year…

If anyone is planning to visit I would suggest September… its a beautiful month to experience the greatest city in the world!!!

I moved to from rural Minnesota to Chicago (well, Evanston for school, then Chicago after graduation).

The things that were lacking in rural MN, Chicago has.

The things that are lacking in Chicago, rural MN has.

I kind of want to move to Minneapolis.

Been to Chigago a couple of times and had a great time. Loved walking along Michigan Ave, bike riding on the shoreline trail, checking out the Art Institute and the The Museum of Science and Industry. I got awesome Priceline deals at The Palmer House and The Hilton, which made it even better.

My wife is from there. Her parents and two of her sisters still live there. So we go there to visit regularly. It’s a nice place.