Chicagoans, let's start a Revolution...seriously

Let’s change the world. Or at least Chicago, in hopes that what we accomplish will catch on elsewhere. Some say racism, sexism and poverty will never cease to exist, so we shouldn’t bother doing anything about those things. Well, I say that’s a foolish, lazy attitude.

And anyone who agrees with me and doesn’t simply disregard me as a liberal
wacko, feel free to send me a reply. I want to get active in the fight for causes I believe in (such as eliminating the disparity between urban and suburban schools). I know there are organizations one can join (though I think they often worry too much about “not rocking the boat” too severely), but I think a group of passionate, like-minded individuals could just as easily get together and cause some serious havoc…in a positive, productive manner. With enough effort, we can establish credibility and be granted a platform from which to voice our views (in
addition to taking action…afterall, actions really do speak louder than words).

Age, gender and those other characteristics don’t matter…if you’re passionate about your social conscience, send me a reply.

Plus, I don’t know many people in Chicago yet (I moved from Oregon over the summer), so this would kill 2 birds with one stone. At the very least, we can get together and vent our frustration. But we can do a lot more than that, if we put forth the effort. I’ve got some ideas, and I’m sure others of you do, as well. So, let’s find a meeting place and start brainstorming. Let’s be innovative. Let’s not be hateful and stoop to the level of those we may have issues with. Let’s come up with ways to open minds and hearts of folks who think terms like “social program” and “liberal” are tools of the devil. And let’s do it in a way that makes it so we can’t be ignored or tossed aside as ‘just another bunch of far left wackos’.

I’m not trying to sell anything or promote a website. I’m a normal 27-year-old guy, who wants to “make a real difference.” Cliche, perhaps. But true. Call me a dreamer or overly idealistic…or even crazy. It makes no difference to me. Whether it’s the disparity between urban and suburban schools, 1 in 5 kids living in poverty in the richest nation on Earth (which is a conservative estimate when you consider that the poverty bar is set as low as it is), unequal pay for women, housing discrimination, tens of millions without health care, the dispropotionate number of minorities on death row or any number of other social (in)justice issues, I can’t take it any longer. Nobody should have to choose between buying food and paying their heating bill or buying medicine they need to survive. As I’ve told a couple of people who replied to me already (after I posted this at another site) I don’t accept the “oh well, that’s life” attitude. Let’s force some changes. Let’s force them now.

I’ve felt this kind of passion for a long time, and I’m tired of it being bottled up. Maybe I’m not alone? I want to hear from you.

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