Chicagoans: Red Eye or Red Streak?

If you’ve clicked this, you live in Chicago, and of course pick up a copy of the Reader and Reader’s Guide every single week. But when it comes to the daily dirt, which do you prefer the Eye or the Streak?
Just curious,


Uh…unless you’re the sort of person who shoots dirty looks at people because a) they won’t get out of your way because you’ve got a handbag, a briefcase and a duffel bag (not to mention a hat pulled so low, you have to tilt your head up to 45* to see anything), and b) doesn’t understand why people look at you like that for falling onto them because you don’t understand that just becuause you’re reading your Red Paper you still need to hold on to something, you really shouldn’t be asking this question.

Of course, you may also be doing an anthropological study in literary/journalistic slumming, so we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, in the off chance that you’re not, just read the Sun-Times like a decent person. You can go back to Atlas Shrugged in the spring. Failing that is, of course, the WGN Morning Show.

I’m a Chicagoan (suburban) and I’ve never heard of the Red Eye or Red Streak. Care to elaborate?

They’re both digest, tabloid versions of their parent papers. The Red Eye is condensed from the Trib and came out first. Following shortly behind was Red Streak (oddly similar name, no?) from the Sun-Times. Both seemed to be more geared towards the 18-35 demographic, the old fogies read the full paper on the longer train rides to the burbs.

I would occasionally pick up the Red Eye when they were handing it out for free, but as soon as they started charging two bits for it, I decided to take a pass.

I don’t really like either major paper in Chicago, too conservative. But I’m more used to the liberal pinko Star-Tribune in the Twin Cities. Chicago needs a Demo-slanted major daily. Where’s my liberally-biased media, dammit!

Frankly, they are both crap. We’re strickly a Trib household.

Like emulsified I read them only if they’re free. Therefore, I read whichever one gets left on the train.

Same here. I only buy one if I’m out and about, need movie times, and can’t find a Reader around. They’re both pretty stupid. Half of them is taken up by sports anyway. (mini-hijack) One reason why I like the Trib more than the Sun-Times is that I can do a “Tribectomy” and throw away (into the recycle bins) all the parts I don’t read (all but Main, Metro and Tempo). The Sun-Times is too big and bulky, and I can’t get rid of the sports, business and classifieds before I read the rest of it. I only buy the ST on Fridays for the movie section.

Which isn’t to say the Tribune isn’t crap. It is, but it’s crap with a better comics page than the Sun-Times.

I’ll pay the quarter for the Red Eye if I’m in between books for the train ride home. If it helps in your survey, we also subscribe the Tribune at home.

Since Red Eye sends daily comps to my office, I’m a Red Eye man, myself :smiley: