Chick vs. Vasquez

Who’s do you think is a Better comic writer/artist Jack Chick or Johon Vasquez?

Ps Who do you think would win in a fight betwen the two

Damn. And here I thought this would be one of those steel cage grudge matches between Jack Chick and Pvt Vasquez from Aliens.

I was really hopin’, too.

I would so love for Johen to meet Jack Chick in a Dark Alley.

Setting old Jack up with a little get together with Johnny the Homicidal Manic would be the funniest comic concept EVER.

After all, this is the man (JV, of course) who gave us the immortal line: What am I doing? You don’t kill your guests… You torture them.

The thought of a NNY vs. Uncle Bob tract brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

My thought exactly.

She’d kick his kooky ass.
Lets rawwwwwk!!

Lots of words can be used to describe jack chick, but “artist” and “writer” are not among them.

She said she loved me like a brother. That’s great, cause she’s from Arkansas!