Chicken Jello

The other day I bought a pre-cooked roasted chicken and after I finished pulling and cutting it into serving pieces, there was all this lovely chicken juice in the bottom of the container. I didn’t want to throw it out, but I didn’t have anything at the time for it to go with. I poured it into a container and stuck it in the fridge for another day. I got it out a couple of nights ago and all the fat had come to the top and there was a lovely thick layer of chicken jello underneath. I poured some rice into the rice cooker, added water, and plop a couple of spoonfuls of chicken jello. Twenty minutes later I had delicious chicken flavored rice with no fuss whatsoever. All this time I’ve been throwing out that chicken juice. No more! That stuff is better than boullion!

Might I ask… how are the Free Range Pudding Pops?

You’ve basically discovered chicken aspic. Most people think it’s unbelievably gross, but I love it.

(edit: Oh, I see you added it into the rice and cooked it. Well, you didn’t enjoy it as “aspic” then, but as chicken stock that has gelled because of the collagen which rendered into gelatin in the liquid. A stock that gels like this is considered a good sign.)

You know how sometimes people around here start threads about something called “stock”? That’s stock.

Ahhhh yes. That’s the basis for gravy, for me - when I roast a turkey or a chicken, those drippings - plus just a bit of flour and enough water to slurry-fy the flour - make gravy. You could slice the stuff, it’s so rich.

When we turn it into gravy, it’s no longer translucent. Then it’s chicken (or turkey) pudding. Mmmmmm.

(I know, but it’s more fun to call it Chicken Jello.) :stuck_out_tongue: That, and I am so used to stock being something in a pot, not leftover chicken juices in a grocery store deli container.

mmmmmmmmmmm chicken pudding…