Chickens with styrofoam hankering

Well…wag guess here…

Chickens are like catfish in that they will eat anything.

Don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, but won’t let that stop me. If you have seen chickens eating styrofoam “peanuts” it may be that they are the increasingly common biodegradable packing “peanuts” which are made out of starch. Go ahead- try one.

Crap! Hamsters! Sorry. Good thing I copied text. . .

Ok, my sister and her husband have picked up a couple of chickens for their backyard-- a couple of Rhode Island Red types (not sure-- but they are biggish and reddish). A strange behavior they show-- they are CRAZY about styrofoam packing peanuts. They will bolt straight for one when it is dropped and fight over it and the winner gobbles it up. They do not, though, do this for a) the biodegradable kind or b) similarly smooshy crunchy things like cheesy poofs or cheez-its.
Ideas? Is this bad for them? It seems to bring them so much joy. They do get whatever the grit or gravelly stuff is, and their diet is fine and they are producing eggs and are spry and healthy. What is it about packing peanuts?

In the bad ol’ days, styrofoam peanuts contained traces of CFCs and other halogenated hydrocarbons. Don’t know if they still do, but I would be willing to bet that they can’t be good for the chickens.

Except that you won’t have to stuff 'em before you cook 'em.